HIS introduces HIS X700 Pro IceQ TURBO a new and innovative graphic solution for Radeon X700Pro

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Hong Kong, November 26th, 2004 – HIS releases another innovation from its award-winning line of HIS IceQ series, it provides the best features and the highest performance graphic solution among any other X700Pro solution. The HIS X700Pro IceQ TURBO boosts graphic card performance through its proprietary iTURBO overclocking technology. With its iTURBO overclocking software, users are able to stably increase and maximize Radeon X700Pro’s performance. In addition, the X700Pro IceQ TURBO features Ice-Blue LED Fan and UV Sensitive effect casing. The HIS IceQ TURBO also has a noise level less than 20dB. Such unique qualities make the HIS X700Pro IceQ TURBO the best graphic solution choice for your PCI-Express system.


HIS X700Pro IceQ TURBO in a glance:

Fast : iTURBO: Simply press the iTURBO button to boost your video card to maximum speed and stable performance.
Cool : UV Sensitive, Ice-Blue LED, -11c
Quiet : Less than 20dB
All Cool : Durability, IceQ TURBO extends the Card Life

The HIS X700Pro IceQ TURBO is based on ATI’s newly introduced RADEON™ X700 visual processing unit (VPU). Powered by a 8 pixel pipelines and 6 vertex pipes and built using the most advanced technologies available, the HIS X700Pro TURBO ushers in a new era, High Definition Gaming. Similar to the experience of watching a sporting event on an HDTV, gaming on a computer powered by the HIS X700Pro IceQ TURBO takes gaming to a whole new level.

The HIS X700Pro IceQ TURBO fully supports Microsoft’s DirectX® 9 and future revisions of OpenGL®. This enables the HIS X700Pro IceQ TURBO to provide the High Definition 3D Graphic gaming experience with the most powerful new generation game such as Far Cry, Half life 2 Serious Sam 2, Tribes Vengeance, Sid Meier’s Pirates, darkSector.