VoodooPC Launches Home Theater Entertainment PC

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

January 24, 2005, CALGARY, ALBERTA – VoodooPC, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance personalized computer systems, today announced the launch of the world’s only fanless home theater entertainment PC.


The Voodoo VIBE f:50 is designed to plug seamlessly into any home theater system. Besides providing the capability to playback slide shows, digital video, DVD movies, and digital audio, the VIBE f:50 also features the highest performance hardware available today. Dual TV Tuners provide the capability to record two television channels at once, or watch/record/rewind/pause Live TV while recording other channels at the same time. The VIBE f:50 is also the ultimate gaming PC, featuring the ability to display any PC game at the highest resolutions with incredible amounts of detail – all playable on any home theater display.

“Home Theater PCs are a growing trend,” said Rahul Sood, VoodooPC. “The biggest problem with them is the noise they exhibit, and their lack of performance. Our VIBE f:50 is extremely powerful – it’s among the most power personal computers on earth, and most importantly it’s deadly silent – you’d never would know it’s on if it wasn’t for the blue light on the front.”

Voodoo VIBE f:50 allows you to capture, personalize, and share home movies with more than 100 transitions and effects – and built in DVD burning support. Smart Jukebox allows you to playback digital audio while viewing album detail – there’s no need to go shuffling through thousands of CDs to find the song you want, just point and click. There is also a party mode that turns your PC into a jukebox, complete with a song request list, visual song title, announcements, an interactive guestbook, and new effects and features.

Besides the media functions, VIBE f:50 support full 7.1 audio, 2048 x 1536 display resolution, dual television tuners, added ports for syncing your digital music players and other devices, Blue Tooth for communication with cellular phones, cordless keyboard & mouse, and it exhibits the most immersive gaming experience ever. With up to 1.2 Terrabytes of storage, VIBE f:50 has the capability of storing seemingly unlimited TV shows, digital audio files, photos, and much more.

“With the ability to hook up to any home theater projector or plasma display, this is truly a must buy accessory for any home theater aficionado,” said Desmond Brown, Business Development Manager, VoodooPC. “PC Gaming with this amount of detail is unbelievable, the level of realism and graphic detail totally blow away any console gaming unit.”