GeForce 7800GT Extreme Gamer; Graphics hardware evolved

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

In search of upgrading on one of the best graphics cards ever developed, XFX is bringing the GeForce 7800 GT Extreme Gamer. This lifestyle-like product utilizes the overclocked GF 7800GT GPU of NVIDIA pinning it on a newly developed Add-in card. As you might expect from a true manufacturer, the development has been done in-house as usual, improving the reference design on different levels.


The Core Chipset: 450 MHz
Memory: 1.05 GHz
PCB: Blue colour
Fancover: Black with backLED / Chameleon effect
PCB Fixation: Black Metal strip with LED
Bracket: Black Metal

Obviously this product has been targeted for the gamer / hardcore gamer/ case modder market and is considered unigue due to its high performance [as the current awards already been given by various media] outstanding colourscheme and image. It comes with the outstanding software bundle, including the video editing software 3D-Edit [value 64 euro] and various hardware accesories.

The availability of this special edition is expected to hit the shelves this week and pricing is expected to be the same as the „standard overclocked“ GeForce 7800 GT, 399 euro.