Real power bursting through new XFX GeForce 6600 with new DDR 2 memory

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

The time has come to freshen up the mid-range graphics range, the GeForce 6600 series. No, this is not old news. The very successful product range of NVIDIA needed a real face-lift. As you might expect from the nr.1 brand in [r]e-tail, XFX now comes with such a shiny new GeForce 6600 graphics card.


NVIDIAs technology holds the well-known “Power of three”, with a special note to the REAL Shader Model 3 technology including full support of VTF [Vertex texture Fetch], making sure it will support all those new 3D games. 8 pipelines will ensure high pressure data streaming

The re-vitalized product has been overclocked on it’s GPU [as usual] from 350 MHz to 400 MHz, providing a considerable gain in the benchmark scores [3DMark 2005; Single 2600 marks / SLi ]. It will first come out with one TV, VGA and DVI output connector and it will evolve to a DUAL DVI solution very soon.

“But this was not enough. When completing such a perfect mid-range motor, XFX wanted to fire it up with some nasty pumped up muscle. That’s why the board was mounted by some really nice DDR 2 memory, running on an effective data rate of 800 MHz. Not just 128 MB, but 256 MB and it will have some real juice to splash some great graphics in today’s 3D games AND also be ready for tomorrow’s games”, according to Mr. C. Brown, VP of Sales XFX Europe.

Obviously, the price-aspect needed to be taken into consideration. It will not make any sense to build a product, which is out priced by its contenders. XFX managed to build this brand new product for just a mere 119 euros incl. VAT. and stays ahead of the competition on all levels.

In this price you will not just find the great product, but also a great bundle. The best 1st person shooter of all time, Far Cry, with a value of approx. 29 euros can be found inside. The, unique to XFX, AI-driver including the video-editing suite 3D Edit from our friends at Tenomichi. The revolutionary software with a value of 64 euros, utilizes the GPU and provides real-time rendering without you having to wait forever and get some coffee in the meantime. The video cable and DVI converter again come for free, packed inside that well-known, slick looking X-shaped retail box. It has all the elements to become yet another successful product for the gaming brand from California, USA.

And … [This IS old news] it is available now, in stores through our European distribution network.