Albatron’s versatile KM51PV-754/KM51G-754 mainboards kick in New Year with a Bang!

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Albatron is blasting into the New Year with two very versatile mainboards, the KM51PV-754 and KM51G-754. Both support AMD’s K8 754 CPU and come equipped with NVIDIA®’s latest generation IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) chipsets, the GeForce™ 6150/430 (KM51PV-754) and GeForce™ 6100/410 (KM51G-754). These KM51 series mainboards are being touted as all-purpose gear, going far past basic operating needs, giving users plenty of horsepower for full game-play and superb video playback capabilities.

The chipsets used in these mainboards integrate the equivalent of NVIDIA’s TC6200 GPU which can access up to 128 MB of system memory. These chipsets also provide full support for DX 9.0c and the latest Shader Model 3.0 standards. In effect, these boards will be able to tackle the most popular games on the market such as Age of Empire® III and World of Warcraft®.

The KM51PV-754 comes with some of the most advanced digital video facilities and features NVIDIA’s Pure Video which is a versatile video encoder/decoder providing the equivalent functionality and clarity of a high-end DVD player. Before this board, Pure Video was only seen with mid to high-end VGA cards. The KM51PV-754 is also fully ready for the future of broadcasted digital television and supports the newest trends in HDTV. The integrated MPEG 2 and WMV9 decoders are, of course, non-CPU-invasive and can rapidly decode graphics information to support high-resolution 1080i (1920*1080 pixels) video which is more than 4 times higher than conventional televisions. The KM51PV-754 will have Y/Pb/Pr (Component Video) and DVI connectors.

The KM51PV-754 and KM51G-754 will become two of the most complete all-in-one mainboards available for the consumer market, especially the DIY sector. If you know your mainboards, you won’t deny that these two boards are on the top rung of all-purpose gear for everyday use, game-play and video playback.