Club 3D Cebit News Flash

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Club 3D 7900 and 7600 Series

Available online across Europe NOW the SLI Ready Club 3D 7900 and 7600 series of VGA are set to take the market by storm!

With the massive success of the multi award winning Club 3D 7800GT and Club 3D 7800GTX, the new Club 3D 7900 GT and 7900 GTX cards are set to take the enthusiast market to the next generation, Club 3D is using the latest and fastest Geforce 7900 GPU technology to give you the ultimate in gaming technology and incredible, true to life 3D effects.

The Club 3D 7900 GTX has Dual DVI and VIVO with a humongous 512MB of insanely fast 1.1ns memory on board to give you the ultimate gaming experience whilst being flexible to make any visual application using your PC look and feel more lifelike and realistic.

The Club 3D 7900GT is a true gaming card whilst being a flexible solution for your digital home.

The excellent image quality and awesome 3D performance of the Club 3D 7600GT will become the ultimate superweapons in your rush to total victory. After the smoke is gone, experience full Cinematics with HD Video playback technology.

With PureVideo Technology the Club 3D 7900 and 7600 series cards are Ideal for your digital home with home theatre quality video and DVD playback and hardware HD support, videos and photos will look better than ever before.

Club 3D X1800RX
In 2005 Club 3D made the X800RX, RageXtreme was developed by Club 3D with ATI to provide the smartest solutions to gamers across Europe.

After the massive success of the RageXtreme brand Club 3D has developed the next generation in the RX family, The Club 3D X1800RX.

Club 3D X1800RX gives you the dominant force for gaming, like the ancient warrior, from a sacred family the latest RageXtreme will conquer the battle field and leave your opponents in awe. With AVIVO technology to enhance the colour reproduction of everything displayed on your PC.

Club 3D also provides a smart bundle including Svideo Cable, HD Cable, DVI/CRT Converters, Colin Mcrae 2005 on DVD, WWF Panda Junior, PowerDVD 5 MCE, PowerDirector Express 3, Medi@show to maximize your multimedia experience.

The Bigger Picture
With Dual Link DVI needed to use the latest ultra high end Monitors at their normal settings, Club 3D is giving Dual Link DVI Ports on all of these Club 3D products, so they will look even better on the latest high resolution computer monitors.

Whiteness the action live!
Club 3D has a Huge purpose built Stand right in the middle of Hall 23 at CeBIT 2006, visit our stand to see the latest products live and view the new concept design and ideas for future Club 3D products.