Maxtor Presents the Future of Storage Innovation

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

MILPITAS, Calif., April 10 – The way people access, share, view and experience digital content is quickly evolving, and storage pioneer Maxtor (NYSE: MXO) is introducing several new products to address these changing consumer needs. Mike Williams, vice president and general manager, Maxtor Branded Products, today presented the future of storage innovation, and outlined a series of new products that Maxtor will make available through its retail and distributor channels during the second quarter.


„Maxtor’s goal is to help people bring their digital content to life through an extended family of simple, elegant and intuitive solutions that allow people to expand, protect, and now easily organize, personalize and share their digital lives,“ said Williams. „Maxtor is well-positioned to provide groundbreaking solutions and services, building off our years of success in launching value-add products.“

New or enhanced products scheduled in the second quarter of 2006 for consumers, creative professionals and small business owners include:

  • The Maxtor OneTouch(TM) III, Mini Edition, a sleek, portable storage solution that allows people to easily take their digital content on the go, whenever and wherever they want it, and to back up and share their files, photos, music and video while away from home or office. Specific features, including an industry first, will be available later this month.
  • Maxtor „Project Fusion,“ a code name for a portfolio of products and online services that will be available later this quarter offer consumers a new level of flexibility and control for storing, organizing, accessing and sharing personal digital content. Through a licensing agreement with Fabrik, Inc., the software developer that is driving the wave to transform content to experience, Maxtor „Project Fusion“ solutions represent a simple yet powerful way to help transform scattered piles of video, pictures, music and documents into personalized digital experiences that can be shared to reflect an event, an occasion, a person, an activity or even a mood.
  • The Maxtor Shared Storage(TM) II is the next-generation, three-in-one network storage device providing centralized storage, automated backup and media streaming to multiple connected devices on a home or small office network. The enhanced family of products will include a more robust design, a lightening-fast Gigabit Ethernet interface, user-configurable RAID for enhanced read/write speeds or mirroring capability for ultimate data redundancy, and capacities up to 1TB.

„Each of these innovative solutions addresses today’s needs for managing and sharing digital content, and complements many of the newer trends that are being adopted more widely, such as online video distribution, social networking, blog creation and home networking,“ said Williams. „These changing consumer interests and market dynamics are creating a demand for products and services that help us manage our content, regardless of data type, to easily share and enjoy with our family and friends or publicly on the Web.“

„The surge in personal media and the emerging technologies of Web 2.0 are forming a tipping point for new solutions that provide consumers with better ways to find and use the plethora of content that they have amassed over the years,“ said Mike Cordano, CEO and co-founder of Fabrik Inc. „Users no longer want to pass a few files around as a token memory — they want to relive or share richer and warmer digital entertainment experiences. With their market strength and leadership in consumer storage, Maxtor is an ideal partner for helping to co-market our weblication solutions. Together, Maxtor and Fabrik hold a common vision for extending the personal storage fabric into a social fabric that facilitates personal expression and interaction through an unlimited blend of audio, video, photos and documents.“

„The explosive interest in new forms of self-expression like blogs and social sites indicates that we’re moving from mass media to ‚my media,'“ said Rob Enderle, president, The Enderle Group. „There’s an Internet transformation taking place right now. As people change from passive Web surfers to active content creators who post their own text, video and audio online, there’s a growing need for better digital content management tools to help organize and retrieve files. Maxtor’s latest offerings are a step in the right direction for consumer who want to truly harness their content, giving them the freedom to better manage and share their digital lives.“

Mike Williams presented Maxtor’s latest consumer offerings via a podcast, which is available online.