SteelSeries Present New SteelSound 5H v2 Professional Gaming Headset

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Copenhagen, Denmark — August 18th, 2006 – SteelSeries, a leading manufacturer of innovative professional gaming gear, today announced SteelSound 5H v2, a new professional gaming headset.


SteelSound 5H v2 is an updated and improved version of the award-winning SteelSound 5H released in early 2005. The original headset broke new ground for gaming headsets and was the first professional gaming headset to feature a retractable microphone boom, a frame construction allowing easy disassembly & safer transportation and comfortable full-size ear cups.

The improvements to SteelSound 5H v2 include a new uni-directional microphone, a longer microphone boom, bigger and more comfortable ear cushions, additional frame pressure and numerous other technical design improvements.

Main features in SteelSound 5H v2:

  • SteelSound 5H v2 features a custom-engineered soundscape designed specifically to enhance performance and immersion for serious gamers. The result is a headset optimized for in-game sound and frequencies, which makes sounds like footsteps, alerts and gunfire especially clear. Users will be able to hear and pinpoint the location of their opponents, often before their own location is revealed.
  • Full-size headphones gently fit around the users ears and reduce background noise, while providing maximum wearing comfort.
  • SteelSound 5H v2 can easily be dismantled into 3 separate parts, which makes transportation safer than ever. The pieces will easily fit into a bag or a carrying case.
  • SteelSound 5H v2 also features a pull-out microphone system and the retractable microphone is practically invisible when not in use.

The headset will be available in two different versions, SteelSound 5H v2 and SteelSound 5H v2 USB. The USB version includes a USB soundcard designed to ensure a consistent sound experience, no matter what computer system the headset is plugged into. Dedicated gamers will benefit tremendously from the USB soundcard as it allows them to experience the exact same sound as they normally play with, even when playing at tournaments or at LAN-centers.