VIA pc-1 Enables By Youth, For Youth Community Development in South Africa

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan, 28th September 2006 – VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading

innovator and developer of PC platform solutions, today revealed details
of a VIA pc-1 Initiative project that is making a real difference in one
of the poorest South African townships, the IkamvaYouth computer lab in
Khayelitsha, where computer training is improving the prospects of the
local youth and the community. Opened in May 2006, the IkamvaYouth
tuXlab is now teaching the Operation Fikelela („Operation Access“)
e-literacy curriculum to dozens of grade 10-12 children, as well as
offering computer access to the local community.

In collaboration with the Shuttleworth Foundation and South Africa’s
Department of Social Development, IkamvaYouth has established the
„tuXlab“ computer centre in the township’s Nazeema Isaacs Library,
equipped with 20 VIA pc-1 PC Clients running the open source Ubuntu
Linux. Staffed solely by volunteers, many of whom ex-program learners
themselves, the non-profit IkamvaYouth is offering hope in a region
beset by socio-economic problems such as mass unemployment, low skill
levels and juvenile crime.

„The IkamvaYouth tuXlab is an important first step towards e-literacy
skills development for the youth of Khayelitsha, and the students are
very encouraged and excited to have gained a basic understanding of
computers,“ commented Joy Olivier, director and co-founder of
IkamvaYouth. „Already the program is showing results in terms of pride
in their studies and enthusiasm to learn more, and once the lab has full
Internet connectivity, our learners will also be able to communicate
with their peers and volunteer tutors around the world.“

„IkamvaYouth are an inspiration to the world in their commitment to
drive social change in South Africa, and represents what is possible
with the right mix of hope, enthusiasm and the generosity of the human
spirit,“ said Richard Brown, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, VIA
Technologies, Inc. „VIA pc-1 is all about empowering people to help them
improve their lives and those of the community around them, and the
tuXlab is an excellent example of that spirit of collaboration essential
for the success and sustainability of community development projects in
emerging markets.“

Khayelitsha, on the outskirts of Cape Town, is one of the largest and
poorest townships in South Africa, with unemployment of over 50% and HIV
affecting over a quarter of the population, where many live in shanty
housing lacking basic utilities – an ideal target to spur community
improvement through education by enhancing post-school prospects, and so
inspire hope in the younger generation and try and stem the tide of
social deterioration.

The IkamvaYouth tuXlab is managed by Nkosikho Sigaba and Xolani
Ntandathu, two volunteers, and teaches a comprehensive curriculum
focused on open source software, using the Ubuntu operating system
developed by the Shuttleworth Foundation, OpenOffice and other popular
applications. Learners produce a relevant and tangible document in each
lesson, such as a job resume or document relating to their further
education, in line with the objective to provide practical training to
enhance post-school opportunities.