Silverstone’s new desktop SST-GD01-MXR

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

With Grandia model the Silverstone have improved the last inconvenience in using media case with integrated displays, the Multilanguage display interface with ability to display letters and symbols almost without any limitation. A huge improvement in comparison to VFD only with English letters.


The model is already available in stock in Europe. The recommended end user price net is 206,00 € net including , 2 x 18 dBA / 8cm fans, Software, RC, IR Board and LCD display. Please ask for opportunity to test the samples if you are interested.

Following the success of the venerable Lascala series, a new era will start with the first Grandia series of HTPC case, the GD01. Updated with an advanced 52-in-1 card reader, enhanced low speed fans, and improved hard drive mounting bracket, the GD01 is then matched with classic lines from the most popular Lascala HTPC cases of the past to make a truly appealing package. As with many SilverStone HTPC cases before, the GD01 also has class-leading six hard drive capacity (for up to 4.5 Terabytes) and dual optical drive ready for Blu-ray and HD-DVD drives. For even more enriched multimedia experience, an optional GD01MXR model is available with Multilanguage LCD, software, and remote control that is compatible with MCE remote and keyboard.


  • Classic SilverStone aluminum front panel
  • Designed for silent operation with anti-vibration drive mounts
  • Enhanced low noise exhaust fans included
  • Class-leading storage capacity with drive doors
  • Includes 52-in-1 card reader
  • Rackmount capable
  • Integrated Multilanguage capable LCD (GD01MXR only)
  • Includes multimedia software and remote control (GD01MXR only)
  • Compatible with MCE remote and keyboard (GD01MXR only)