Futuremark Releases VGMark07, the OpenVG Benchmark

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Saratoga, CA – January 16th, 2007 – Futuremark, publishers of the world’s most acclaimed benchmarks for handhelds and PCs, announced today the release of VGMark07, the OpenVG(tm) Benchmark. This new benchmark will provide unbiased vector graphics performance data for handset manufacturers, ODMs, semiconductor companies and network operators within the handheld industry. VGMark07 is the first product that will enable the handheld industry and media to make objective and accurate cross platform performance comparisons of OpenVG 1.0 API enabled hardware and software solutions. VGMark07 is targeted for devices that are fully compliant with the OpenVG 1.0 API specification and which pass all Open VG conformance tests.


Simulating real world vector graphics workloads, VGMark07 is a suite of tests comprised of demanding consumer level applications and feature tests. Application tests such as user interface navigation and map based navigation provide performance comparisons of a broad array of OpenVG features. VGMark07’s feature tests provide comprehensive performance data for specific aspects of OpenVG functionality. Feature tests include segment count, fill rate and path count, and image quality tests for rendering, anti-aliasing and image quality. VGMark07 is fully configurable to support a variety of resolutions and image quality settings via scripting.

„We’re seeing a significant number of handset manufacturers implementing the OpenVG 1.0 API in next generation hardware, providing their future customers with compelling new interfaces, applications and functionality. To help these industry pioneers produce optimally performing products, we’ve created VGMark07 to simulate the demanding workloads of vector graphic dependant applications“ said Petri Talala, Futuremark’s Vice President of Mobile Business. „Ultimately, helping the industry build better performing OpenVG-enabled devices will lead to broader use of vector graphics applications by consumers around the world.“

OpenVG, accelerating vector graphics on handheld devices
OpenVG is a royalty-free, cross-platform API developed by the Khronos Group, a consortium of over one hundred of industry leading companies. OpenVG is the industry’s first standardized low-level hardware acceleration interface for vector graphics libraries such as Flash and SVG. OpenVG is targeted primarily at handheld devices that require acceleration of high-quality vector graphics for compelling user interfaces, applications such as navigation and high-quality text on small screen devices.
OpenVG provides hardware acceleration for Bezier-based graphics for the first time to provide fluidly interactive performance at very low power levels.

„OpenVG is becoming widely available as multiple silicon vendors begin to ship optimized drivers for this innovative API that enables direct, Bezier-based vector graphics acceleration,“ said Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group. „Effective benchmarking is essential for the commercial success of any graphics API and Khronos is delighted that Futuremark has applied its industry-leading expertise to create VGMark07. Futuremark’s proven credibility and unmatched benchmarking experience
will be a big factor in driving the success of both OpenVG and VGMark07.“

VGMark07 is currently available to industry media and via license to any interested operator, mobile industry manufacturer, chipmaker or developer. The benchmark is available in selected binary versions and in OS independent source code. VGMark07 source code will allow licensees to integrate the benchmark to their own hardware and OS platforms.