XFX announces the first winners of the GeForce 8800 series promotion, the XFX Xtreme Xperience [XtXp]

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Amsterdam January 26th – XFX has announced the first winners of the GeForce 8800 series promotion, Xtreme Xperience [XtXp]. On the, especially designed, XtXp website the first winners have been made public. To see who they are, you can go to our website www.xtxp.com and check it out for yourself. The lucky ones will be invited to their experience of the year, the XFX Xtreme Xperience. What will it be? Could it be Formula 1 jumping, a Mount-Everest downhill race or a beyond Uranus rocket-drive? Who knows… One thing’s sure. It will be a step nearer to their exciting future and one hell of an Xperience richer! And they will do it in style. The winners will receive an Extreme bunch of XFX goodies to fully experience the XFX spin. Not only will they experience their newly bought graphics champion, they will feel the thrill of the XFX Xtreme Xperience too.


But you do not need to win the Xtreme Xperience to get the ‘sweat-sucking’ XtXp T-shirt. You have another chance of winning that. Due to the overwhelming nr of registration, we have gone through our complete stock of X-torches [congratulations all!] and now we have replaced this with this nicely fitting T-shirt that will make you feel that you were there! Just register at the www.xtxp.com website and maybe you get lucky and win it… just like that. If we draw your name from the barrel, we’ll send you a shirt.

Report and Win
But this is not all: When all Xtreme Xperiences have been completed, we will publish them on www.xtxp.com and you can vote for the most Xtreme Xperience that has been. The winner of the Xtreme Xperience contest will again have a chance of getting something really cool… But this is another story where we are not going… yet!

So, keep coming back to www.xtxp.com to stay on top of all the developments…

New round, same chance
Didn’t you win this time? No problem: everyone who registers has a new chance every week, until the very last week. So the sooner you register, the more chance you have of winning your own XFX Xtreme Xperience.

More information about the XFX Xtreme Xperience