My Best TV and Video Game Partner – Compro VideoMate V300 standalone TV box with 1680×1050 & 1080i Input

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The best solution for watching TV shows and HDTV quality video on your monitor — Compro Technology, a leading developer and manufacturer of multimedia products today, presents VideoMate V300, a high-resolution standalone TV box for 1680×1050, 1600×1200 and 1440×900 resolutions TV watching and 480i/480p to 1080i HDTV quality component video input for your CRT/LCD/PDP monitors. Free from driver/software installation and compatible problems with computer, just simply connect with your PC monitor and TV cable/antenna feed. You can watch TV shows on your desktop PC monitor easily.


VideoMate V300 can fit 15″ to 22″ or big size LCD monitors including standard 4:3/5:4 CRT/LCD and 16:9/16:10 wide screen LCD. To optimize different video device performances, VideoMate V300 built in the exclusive OptiMode scene selection features for TV, Game, Cinema, and Custom display modes to provide the best picture quality. Also, for better TV and video experiences on different type monitors, VideoMate V300 provides special OptiRatio aspect ratio selection for 4:3, 16:9, Panorama, Full Screen, and SmartZoom modes. Accompanying the 3:2 pull-down correction in Cinema mode, enhanced 3D motion adaptive de-interlacing, progressive scan, noise reduction for video, and Dynamic Bass Boost, Stereo Effect, Stereo Mode Selection (Main/Sub audio channel or Left:Main/Right:Sub audio channel) for audio, you will enjoy vivid TV watching from your LCD/CRT/PDP monitor.

You can have more features than the traditional TV set. VideoMate V300 provides PIP feature to watch live TV and use other Windows applications at the same time with a size selectable window. By using customize channel orders, you can rename and add/remove channels to quickly switch between your favorite channels; 9 channels preview on one screen, and sleep timer setup to automatically turn off the monitor. Not just TV watching, VideoMate V300 includes the special base holder with video/audio input to provide S-video, composite video, stereo audio, and component (Y, Pb, Pr) video input from 480i/480p to 1080i. You can easily connect the TV box with a DVD player, VCR, DV, or Xbox, Xbox360, PS2, PS3 and Wii game consoles to watch DVD movies or play exciting games on your monitor with high picture quality.

VideoMate V300 is modeled in high quality with a streamline design, brilliant and shining black color and is complete with the ergonomic IR remote control. You can conveniently watch TV while sitting on the sofa or lying on the bed. Moreover, VideoMate V300 standalone TV box’s crystal-clear picture quality lets you enjoy a pleasant feeling in your exciting games, and is definitely the best match for your monitor.

Key features

  • Watch analog TV on your LCD/CRT/PDP monitor or projector
  • Special black TV box & remote design is suitable for various monitors
  • Plug & Play, no drivers installation is required for all OS
  • Built-in advanced video/audio decoder, support SAP/Stereo (NICAM/A2 in PAL, MTS/BTSC or EIAJ in NTSC)
  • Component input (Y, Pb, Pr) support from 480i/480p to 1080i HDTV
  • Autoscan available channels or full frequency scan and memorize
  • Support up to 1680×1050, 1440×900 and up to 1600×1200 resolution
  • Support standard 4:3/5:4 screen and wide 16:9/16:10 screen
  • Support 15″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 21″, 22″ and big size monitors
  • Exclusive OptiRatio aspect selection features for 4:3, 16:9, Panorama, Full Screen, and SmartZoom modes to provide best picture display
  • Exclusive OptiMode scene selection features for TV, Cinema, Game, and Custom (Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness adjustment and custom color setting profiles) display modes to provide best picture quality
  • Automatically enables 3:2 pull-down correction in Cinema mode
  • Enhanced 3D motion adaptive de-interlacing, progressive scan, and noise reduction for better video quality
  • Multi-channel preview of 9 channels on the same screen
  • Dynamic Bass Boost, Stereo Effect, and Stereo mode (Main/Sub audio channel or Left:Main/Right:Sub audio channel) selection
  • PIP feature to watch live TV in windows desktop
  • Customize channel orders, rename, and add/remove channels
  • Supports S-video, composite video and stereo audio inputs
  • Supports Xbox, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, Wii and other game consoles
  • Sleep mode timers for 30/60/90/120 minutes
  • User-friendly OSD (on screen display) for easy setup
  • Fully functional 37keys IR remote control