Less effort, higher cooling efficiency – Zaward launches new thermal grease

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Newsletter May 2, 2007 – Have you ever thought about the difference between a superior thermal grease and an inferior one? Do you know how much cooling efficiency a superior thermal grease improves? Any cooler can’t operate efficiently without suitable thermal grease! Zaward’s Super high thermal grease HSC-W/ HSC-G contain metallic silver particles to boost immediate conductivity; operating temperature of -50C ~ 170C is suitable for all kinds of coolers; no concern of bleeding and evaporation issues, ensuring your P.C stability and safety , and guarantee durability for 10 years! Offering selection for users, HSC-W for middle-end market and HSC-G for high-end market. Just by applying a paint-thin layer of Zaward’s Super thermal grease to fill the invisible gaps on the surface of cooler base to enhance thermal efficiency, cooling down minimal 4 to 6 degree in comparison with other thermal greases in the market. Bonus scrapper is convenient to apply grease without getting your hand dirty. Less is definitely more, a paint-thin layer of Zaward’s thermal grease is all you need!


Product Features

  1. Metallic silver particles materials.
  2. Operating Temperature of -50C~170C
  3. No bleeding and evaporation
  4. Durability for 10 years.
  5. Bonus scrapper is convenient to apply grease on and without getting your hand dirts!
  6. Applicable to all kinds of coolers.