Gathering all the needs in ONE – Twin towers, Powerful, Unique, Silent and Cool

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)


Gathering all the needs in ONE – Twin towers, Powerful, Unique, Silent and Cool

(Excerpt from press release)

July 24, 2007 – With growing power consumption of Northbridge chipset, it gradually gets hotter and hotter. Design concept of Twin Towers is meant to solve this thermal concern. Striking design of Zaward’s Twin towers Northbridge cooler, unlike any other conventional ones, Twin towers brings users to a topnotch cooling world. Utilized dual high conductive heat pipes, 8mm and 5mm with large surface of high density fins for optimum heat dissipation. Clever design of rotary heat sinks, rotatable throughout 360 degrees to avoid interference with other components. Fanless heat sinks, cooling down by natural convection in chassis, truly lead to zero noise cooling solution. Universal clips, hook and screw types, compatible with most of mainstream mainboards, offer flexibility and easy installation to user.

Twin Towers

Screw Type Clip

Hook Type Clip

Product Features

  1. Innovative soldering free process, environmental friendly.
  2. Duo high conductive heat pipes operating with high density heat-dissipating area to boost cooling performance!
  3. Patent twin towers rotary heat sinks to avoid interference with other components
  4. Universal clips design, compatible with all mainstream mainboards and easy to install.
  5. Zero dBA and Value-saving! No need to purchase extra fan, rapid heat dissipating only by natural convection in chassis.