A PC TV and Broadcasting Center on Your Desktop with the NEW WinFast PVR2100

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan, January 10th, 2008 – With the coming of a new PC TV era, more and more multimedia features are integrated into a PC and TV is certain to be the most popular. As a world beating total multimedia communication solutions provider Leadtek has launched its brand new TV tuner card—WinFast PVR2100, which supports worldwide analog TV reception including PAL, NTSC and SECAM, and FM radio. With built-in MPEG-2 hardware you’re at liberty to record any TV/video with the minimal system resource adding to your collection. This means you not only save time but can continue to simultaneously email and surf the web.


To obviate complicated operation procedure, WinFast PVR2, Leadtek’s exclusive application software, enables users to complete each setting within a two-layer menu with a user friendly interface. Live Broadcasting turns your PC into a TV broadcasting center and shares all the fun video with family and friends. And with your home PC turned on live TV can be accessed and enjoyed anytime, everywhere through an internet-connected desktop or laptop. DirectBurn, viewed as the most time and space saving feature, provides the user with the simplest and most direct way to transform home videos and movies from camcorders, VHS tapes, and personal DVDs into polished CDs and DVDs.

The Time Shifting function can pause, rewind, and fast-forward through a recorded show. Enjoy shows from beginning to the end in your own time and without any fear of interruption while viewing! TwinView consists of PIP (picture in picture), POP(picture on picture) and PAP(picture and picture) modes. There’s a screen for live TV and another for captured video so that two programs can be viewed at the same time. With Scheduled Recording turned on, you can schedule your TV or FM recordings anytime in the Standby/Hibernate (S3/S4) mode. So no more noise and less power used in recording.

To pursue upgrading you PC functions to PC TV for best quality TV viewing, smooth recording and various fun features, WinFast PVR2100 is another great product from Leadtek you just can’t afford to be without! And it is on sale NOW!