PowerColor Announces More DX10.1 Gaming/Mainstream Graphics Boards

More DX10.1 graphics solutions bring you better gaming performance

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan – January, 23rd, 2008 – TUL Corporation – a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards today announces the availability of mainstream and value cards with HD3K series products. These product lines include HD3600 series and HD3400 series, aim to bring the advanced graphics architectures and technology to all gamers.


Radeon HD 3650 Xtreme PCS

For mainstream cards, HD3600 series, PowerColor introduced a complete product line to satisfy every gamer, its professional cooling system (PCS) solution provide not only standard version but also Xtreme version with overclocked function; for entry-level, HD3450 SCS, which provides a silent multimedia solution for media centers and superior image quality, with rich 3D features for the latest games, enhance performance using the latest hybrid technology.

Radeon HD 3650 SCS3

One of many exciting things about these new series of products is that every product will bundle with free iClone2 SE software, iClone 2 transforms any desktop into a complete virtual movie studio. Create 3D characters, scenes, and special effects for films inside a total 3D real-time environment. Designed for users of any skill level, iClone is equipped to break the barriers of storytelling offering an accessible tool to bring any story to life.

Radeon HD 3650

HD3K series has taken full advantage of 55nm processing technology; it brings higher performance with lower power consumption. These new series offer Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1, PCI Express® 2.0, built-in HDMI with 5.1 surround audio, and also with the support for Shader Model 4.1, Universal Video Decode, and ATI CrossFireTM X technology.

Radeon HD 3450

PowerColor also announced a new brand image symbol along with new series of products. The logo indicates abbreviation of PowerColor, which shows “PC” in one character. “We hope this new brand image symbol could let gamers and be much easier to recognize and deepen their impression about PowerColor.” Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation says, “not only provide the best graphics card, PowerColor also makes efforts in brand management to bring the strong and consistency brand image to every gamer.”