Samsung SATA II SSD Selected as Storage Device for Lenovo’s Ultimate Ultra-portable ThinkPad

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

SEOUL, KOREA – March 5, 2008 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., leader in advanced semiconductor technology, announced today that its 64 GB solid state drive (SSD), with a high-performance SATA II interface, will be offered this month by Lenovo as the storage drive in its most sophisticated notebook for the business traveler. Measuring less than three-quarters of an inch thick, approximately the height of a U.S. 25-cent coin, the ThinkPad X300 notebook aims to set the standard for thin and light, full-function notebook PC design.


“Lenovo’s use of a SATA II SSD as the only storage device for its premium ThinkPad X300 notebook underscores its commitment to performance excellence,“ said Jim Elliott, vice president, memory marketing, Samsung Semiconductor. “With the Samsung SATA II SSD, Lenovo is delivering the highest performance rates for rugged, ultra-light storage in an ultra-portable notebook,” he added.

The Samsung SATA II SSD reads data at 100 megabytes per second (MB/s) and writes it at 80 MB/s. The drive operates up to 60 percent faster than SATA I drives and two to five times faster than conventional hard disk drives (HDDs). It also consumes approximately 30 percent less power than a typical HDD and weighs only 73 grams.

Comprised of flash memory, the SSD has no moving parts, is noise-free, produces virtually no heat and is considerably less vulnerable to the shocks of dropping or jarring that often cause problems in traditional disk drives. The Samsung SATA II SSD can resist up to 1500 Gs of shock in a half millisecond.

The ThinkPad X300 notebook, with a starting weight of 2.9 pounds, can be configured for extreme portability with a 13-inch widescreen, GPS functionality and enterprise-level security features, as well as a wide range of wireless connectivity options.