Thermaltake Famous Orb Family – New GunMet Orb

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

February,2008 – Thermaltake launches the latest member of the famous Orb CPU cooler family – GunMet Orb. GunMet Orb supports Intel CPU socket LGA775 and AMD CPU socket AM2/AM2+/K8.


The radial dissipation design of this new GunMet Orb is unique in the cooling industry. The number of cooling fins multiplies as they extend from the center of GunMet Orb to reduce backpressure on the fan and to achieve faster heat dissipation. The 4-croched fin (y-split fin) design can further allow GunMet Orb to maximize its cooling fins up to 140 fins at the end to provide extended cooling surface and smooth airflow.

GunMet Orb uses a 120mm ultra-silent fan outputting only 17dBA to provide the most enjoyable and silent working environment even while your system loaded at full performance. It includes a built-in “White” LED clear fan creating a new fashionable style with the surrounding gunmetal colored fins.

The famous Thermaltake Orb family continues to grow with the latest GunMet Orb. Appearance-wise or performance-wise, Thermaltake Orb CPU cooler family is certainly the best choice of world-wide PC enthusiasts!