AVC Develops an Integrated Cooling Scheme for Intel LGA 1156

“ARTHUR Plus-1156/ APOLLO/ X COP/ NAPOLEON (PLUS)”; Fight for Honor with the Spirit of “Wind Woods Fire Mountain”

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Based on the innovative micro-architecture, the Intel new generation of desktop PC processor (code name: Nehalem) Core i7, using Socket 1366, is designed majorly for high-end market, and a new generation of mainstream grade DT processor Lynnfield planned to be launched in the third quarter of 2009 will use Socket 1156 instead, both will provide excellent performance and high power efficiency and are estimated to achieve the leadership position in mainstream computer market. By virtue of working together with leading CPU manufacturers to develop cooling technology, AVC knows well the industry tendency development and demands, sparkplugs design notion of “Wind Woods Fire Mountain” to develop a variety of coolers with different market positioning, wherein, the following four models of products are developed for Intel future mainstream processor Lynnfield and can meet all cooling demands of the new generation of mainstream CPU LGA1156 architecture.


ARTHUR Plus-1156” utilizes advanced high multiple proportion Al extrusion process technology that breaks through the limitations of traditional process to produce heat sink with super large heat dissipation area in a limited space. The application of excellent copper insertion process that makes the most of rapid heat conducting of copper and high heat capacity of Al enables heat to be transferred to fins rapidly and uniformly, multiplying the cooling effectiveness. And the cooler with the omni-directional ventilation design of sunflower-shaped fins achieves at least 20% cooling effectiveness higher than that of other general sunflowers, cooling the case faster.

APOLLO” fins emitting out raging flame of heat just like a torch symbolize that the cooler can absorb rapidly heat energy CPU emits and transfer it uniformly and quickly to all parts of the cooler with the technology of water and fire coexisting and mutual-extinguishing in cycle in heat tubes, burning out the heat swiftly. Besides the eye-catching flame shape, the cooler also combines 39 more tidy, closely arranged, wide and large, super thin fins that the double-fin structure enhances thermal radiation effectively and improves cooling performance.

X COP” uses two parallel (diameter of 8φ) innovative heat pipes to absorb waste heat rapidly from the copper base, and at the instant heat rises in the heat tubes, transfers it to the up to 50 layers of cooling fins. The intentionally increased contact surface of the fins with the air achieved by the X shape of fins will enhance the cooling capability of the product. And the side-blowing PWM intelligent fan draws cold air to carry away the waste heat from cooling fins directly and combines effectively with air chutes in the case to achieve the cooling.

NAPOLEON (PLUS)” extremely simple Artistic Design features 3 U-shaped pure copper heat tubes closely connected with the pure copper base and a built-in side-blowing fan which combines with the air chutes in the case to draw cold air in the vicinity to heat tubes and the 84 pieces of cooling fins without cooling dead space to carry away heat rapidly on one hand, and blow the temperature-rising airflow out of the case on the other hand, forming effective cooling channels to enhance the cooling effect greatly in the case. The design of scientific tower shape can reduce effectively the massive volume and weight of a high-performance cooler, and achieve even more outstanding security.

Above four multi-platform coolers present a new notional cooler following AVC’S design notion of “Speediness as Wind + Compactness as Woods + Aggression as Fire + Fixing as Mountain”