Silicon Power Unleashes the All New Super Speed USB3.0 PCIE Card

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World leading USB flash drive manufacturer, Silicon Power announces today (9/23) their super speed USB3.0 PCIE Card. Silicon Power’s USB3.0 PCIE Card is user and price friendly so users need not spend big bucks to experience USB3.0 speeds.


The USB3.0 PCIE card comes with two USB3.0 ports providing up to 5Gb/ sec maximum transfer rate (theoretical value). When compared to USB2.0’s 480Mbps, it has 10 times the bandwidth. The PCIE Card is easy to install and users can instantly enjoy the USB3.0 read/ write speeds from their USB3.0 devices.

USB3.0 Port can supply 900mA current (400mA more than USB2.0) to the connecting external device. The extra current offers greater stability and performance. The USB3.0 port is also backwards compatible with USB2.0 so users can continue to use their USB2.0 devices.

Silicon Power’s USB3.0 PCIE card can be installed on most motherboards on the market, therefore, for users who hasn’t planned to change their motherboards; Silicon Power’s USB3.0 PCIE is an economical solution.

Silicon Power’s USB3.0 PCIE card supports the latest Window 7 operating system and it comes with a 2-year warranty.