H.D.T. Cooling System

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Outstanding performance and quiet, LOKI SD963 outmatches other air coolers. 3pcs Φ6 mm heat-pipe design and light material fins, it provides outstanding heat dissipating efficiency and cooling performance. With anti-vibration rubber , it is much more quiet and reliable. Universal retention module for Intel and AMD, it is easy to install.



  • H.D.T. (Heat-pipe direct touch) technology.
  • Support for Intel LGA775/1156/1366;
    AMD Socket K8/AM2/AM2+/AM3.

  • Dual fan installed option and Anti-vibration rubbers attached.
  • PWM fan to adjust the power of the fan efficiently.
  • Light weight.
  • High performance & easy installation.
  • 3pcs 6mm high performance heat-pipes.