Swiftech Re-enters Air Cooling Market

Toulouse (France), March 9 2011

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Swiftech and Bacatá (Swiftech Exclusive Pan-European Distributor) are proud to announce the launch of High Performance Polaris 120 Heatsink for Intel and AMD Processors.


The product is based on heat pipe technology, and uses a PWM controlled 120mm fan. The Polaris 120 stated lead concept is value: packing the maximum performance and broadest range of utilizations in an affordable yet qualitative offering.

The Polaris 120 heatsink marks Swiftech’s notable re-entry into the mainstream air-cooling arena. Industry followers may remember that Swiftech led the high performance heatsink market from 2000 to 2004 thanks to its patented helicoids pin technology with innovative products such as the MC370 and the MCX462. The MCX heatsink series are still in use to this day in OEM applications where high heat dissipation and space constraints remain critical. The ascension of heat pipe technology to dominance over conventional heatsinks however led Swiftech to refocus its business towards liquid cooling where it became the performance leader we know today.

Swiftech re-entry into the high-performance air cooling arena is a definite indication that Swiftech is looking to diversify into high-volume markets” said Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech’s Chairman and CTA, also adding “We enjoy world-class engineering know-how, a ton of experience, and thanks to our manufacturing subsidiary in China, we have had time to forge solid alliances with China’s leading technology providers since 2005. As such, we have the tools to engineer winning products and the capabilities to mass produce them“.