Unstoppable Gorg Beta Sign Up Begins

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011 – SPACEWIRE TRANSMISSION FROM HELSINKI, FINLAND – Futuremark Games Studio is inviting PC gamers and fans of tower defense style games to sign up now for the Unstoppable Gorg closed beta test due to begin in the next couple of weeks. Unstoppable Gorg is a thrilling space defense game inspired by vintage sci-fi films from the 1940s and 50s. The game builds on the core tower defense mechanics that fans love while breaking the genre’s conventions with a unique orbital layout and the unmatched ability to move towers by rotating orbits.


Jaakko Haapasalo, Director of Defense at Futuremark Games Studio says, „This is no marketing beta. We need enthusiastic players to take part in a proper, old-school beta – one where players‘ suggestions and ideas will actually influence the final game. We are looking for players who will join in, speak up, and help us grow a great community around this exciting new game.“

The beta is open to all PC gamers with a minimum requirement of Windows XP and DirectX 9 hardware. To apply for the beta either:

  • Sign up on Futuremark’s forums: http://bit.ly/GorgBeta
  • Or ‚like‘ Unstoppable Gorg on Facebook

„It’s War!“ newsreel:

Unstoppable Gorg, a thrilling space defense game inspired by vintage sci-fi, will be available on PC, Xbox LIVE Arcade and iPad. The game is being developed by Futuremark Games Studio and published by Headup Games.

  • PROTECT our solar system from the Gorg in a thrilling space defense game
  • SATELLITES in orbit replace the towers and grid layout used in other TD games
  • MOVE satellites around their orbits to create the best defense for each wave
  • GLORIOUS 3D graphics for added impact, not a sprite in sight
  • AUTHENTIC homage to the sci-fi films of the 1940s and 50s

Unstoppable Gorg, a thrilling space defense game inspired by vintage sci-fi