OUKITEL K10000 Pro gets power consumption test by playing video and mobile game

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

OUKITEL K10000 Pro

As K10000 Pro is starting presale this week, delivery for K10000 Pro can be expected around middle of June. As it’s already known that K10000 Pro gets massive 10000mAh battery and can be used for a long time. But how long can it support on earth? OUKITEL is trying to tell us by video and game.


Last week, the round two OUKITEL K10000 Pro“Guess-Answer-To-Win-Gift”activity started and ends on June 6th. The game asked users to guess how long does it support to play FHD video at medium screen brightness and medium volume and how many percentage power does it left by playing 1 hour mobile game. Today OUKITEL released two videos to show the answers. 

First question: how long can K10000 Pro support to watch downloaded FHD video with medium volume and medium screen brightness?

The final answer is 23 hours 37 minutes. If you have opened the battery item in settings, you may find that among all the process that consumes battery, screen is the item that drains most power. Thus continous watching FHD video will consume battery quite fast. If you make the device in super power consumption mode, then make 3G phone calls, it will support continous phone call for 65 hours. While for listening music at maximum volume, it lasts for 89 hours.

Second question: How many percentage power will it left by playing 1 hour mobile game(at maximum background game music)?

OUKITEL choose the mobile game „King of Glory“ for testing. This game has 200 million users in the world and has been played among large population. K10000 Pro performed quite well during the game. After 1 hour continous playing, it still have 93% power left. 
OUKITEL K10000 Pro presale is hot ongoing on online stores. OUKITEL authorized several stores to sell it at the price of $179.99. According to its specs and features, this price is worthwhile for such a big battery smartphone. Do you like this king battery smartphone? If yes, you can order it on DealExtreme with extra gift bag.