ADATA Partners with Micron to Plant Trees for a Sustainable Future

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan – April 2, 2024 – In response to the Taiwan government’s “Green Network Project for Natural Landscape Conservation,” ADATA Technology and Micron Taiwan announced the joint adoption of the “Taichung Coastal Wetland Conservation Belt” and held a signing ceremony during tree planting in March. ADATA Technology Chairman Simon Chen and Micron Taiwan Chairman Donghui Lu attended in person. Witnessed by Chen Chijung, Deputy Branch Director of the Taichung Branch of the Forest and Nature Conservation Agency, both Chairmen led dozens of employees in rolling up their sleeves in the bright sun to plant saplings, taking concrete action to restore nature and protect native habitats, looking forward to building a sustainable future for Taiwan together through the power of corporations.


Being environmental friendly, ADATA promotes global reforestation programs

Forests are responsible for multiple environmental benefits including water conservation, soil conservation, and carbon sequestration. Global forestation is rapidly disappearing at the rate of millions of hectares per year due to factors such as natural disasters caused by extreme climate and illegal logging. ADATA Technology and Micron Taiwan signed a three-year forestation and adoption plan in Taichung to build a natural fortress for Taiwan’s coastline. Under the guidance of the Forest and Nature Conservation Agency, employees experienced the tree planting process and demonstrated their positive attitudes towards forestation and restoration. Simon Chen stated, “ADATA announced the launch of a global reforestation project in 2024. Starting from Taiwan, we hope to expand the reach of greening to the world, mitigate the negative impact of climate change through tree planting, and also strive to claim more green spaces for mankind.”

Chairman Simon Chen announced ADATA will launch a global reforestation project in 2024.

Next, ADATA will partner with One Tree Planted, one of the world’s largest non-profit organizations, on the ADATA DAY this year to invite the public to complete online challenges while ADATA plant trees around the world to better the global environment.

In harmony with environment, sustainable actions are urgent

In 2024, ADATA Technology extends the meaning of its brand slogan, from “Innovating the Future” to “Innovating for ‘Our’ Future,” and establish creating a sustainable future as its corporate mission. Simon Chen stated, “This year is ADATA’s 23th anniversary. We have made a commitment to sustainable management and actively implement ESG in our business. In addition to supporting the disadvantaged, assisting the poor, contributing to the common prosperity of society, and continuing to improve corporate governance, we have also introduced energy-saving and carbon-reducing solutions, developed green and low-carbon products, promoted global forestation plans, and called on employees to invest their time in tree planting and beach clean-up to accelerate our response to the challenge of overwhelming changes.”

ADATA Technology and Micron Taiwan signed a three-year forestation and adoption plan in Taichung to build a natural fortress for Taiwan’s coastline.

As a citizen of the planet earth, ADATA exerts its corporate influence from the inside out, calling on employees and business partners to join the sustainable actions and move towards the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, to build a greener and cleaner future for the next generations.