AOpen releases the AK77-600 series with AMD Advanced 400MHz FSB and VIA KT600 chipset

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

AOpen proudly presents the new series of AK77-600 motherboards, a superb combination of the AMD® AthlonXP 3200+ (Barton) CPU with 400MHz FSB and the VIA® KT600 chipset. Fitted to meet all your needs, the AK77-600 Series include the AK77-600 MAX, the AK77-600GN and the AK77-600N motherboard, generously spec’ed with features such as DDR400, Serial ATA, Gigabit LAN etc.


AMD Advanced 400MHz FSB
The combination of an AMD CPU and VIA chipset has always been a favorite with pro-AMD users. While the VIA KT400a chipset supports 333MHz FSB, the newly released KT600 chipset now supports 400MHz FSB. But it does not only support a higher FSB speed: it allows for future growth with features like Serial ATA with RAID function.

Comparison table of AK77-600 Series

Models AK77-600 MAX AK77-600N
CPU AMD AthlonXP / Athlon / Duron AMD AthlonXP / Athlon / Duron
Graphics AGP 8x AGP 8x
Memory DDR400/333 DDR400/333
Serial ATA ports X4
LAN Broadcom Gigabit LAN Broadcom Gigabit LAN
IEEE1394 ports X2 (Agere PHY)
Sound AC’97 CODEC 5.1 Channel AC’97 CODEC

More detailed motherboard specifications can be found at our official website:

Added-value features of the AK-77 600 series
With an abundance of handy features, the AK77-600 motherboards are definitely a deal you should not let pass by. For more detailed information about these excellent features such as SilentTek2 for controlling fan noise, EzRestore (the name says it all), DieHard BIOS for rescuing your BIOS, EzClock for overclocking, please go to the TechInside page on our website

Die unverbindlich vorgeschlagene Preisempfehlung von AOpen für das AK77-600 Max liegt bei 109,00 €.

Die unverbindlich vorgeschlagene Preisempfehlung von AOpen für das AK77-600 N liegt bei 79,00 €.

Die Mainboards sind ab Anfang August in Deutschland erhältlich.