USB Video Device Class Specification 1.0 Released

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INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 16, 2003 – The USB Implementers Forum released today a specification that defines the USB interface for video streaming devices. The spec, USB Video Device Class Specification Revision 1.0, provides a standard to which IHVs can build USB streaming video devices and OS manufacturers can develop a single-class driver.


Developed by the USB-IF’s Device Working Group, the spec allows for scalable device cost and complexity for single and multiple function devices. It is video format-neutral, supporting stream-based video formats (MPEG2 and MPEG4) and frame-based, including uncompressed, MJPEG and DV.

A broad range of devices will benefit from this specification, ranging from simple webcams and full-featured digital video cameras to tape decks and TV Tuners – basically, anything that streams video. Initial device development includes PC cameras, digital still cameras and digital camcorders.

„With the advantage of high bandwidth in USB 2.0 and the USB Video Device Class specification, users can experience and enjoy the expandability and great benefits of a digital solution in a number of consumer electronics,“ said Shinichi Hatae, general manager of Image Communication Technology Development, Canon Inc. „Canon believes that the combination of USB and Video Device Class will aggressively migrate into all consumer electronics products for easy connecting and improved streaming digital video to personal computers.“

Added Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF chairman and Intel Technology Initiatives manager, „This advanced capability of being able to easily and quickly stream digital video via USB will continue to drive the adoption of USB in the consumer electronics segment and improve the consumers‘ experience and ease of use.“

At the Intel Developer Forum this week, camcorder and digital camera device prototypes utilizing this new capability will be demonstrated at the USB-IF booth (#701).
The specification is available for download at the USB-IF Web site:

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