XGI releases latest Reactor driver for Volari family

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei-April 22, 2004 – XGI™ Technology Inc, an innovative graphics chipsets supplier, today released the latest Reactor™ driver V.1.02 to provide unprecedented performance and image quality on both Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 and OpenGL® applications. Reactor™ driver provided by talented XGI™ software engineers delivers unmatched compatibility, stability, and reliability across all XGI™ Volari™ GPUs.


„XGI™ Reactor™ driver suite is based on best stability, optimized performance, ease of use, unprecedented image quality, and multiple functions by frequent updates.“ said Jonathan Shyi, Vice President of Product and Technology Development at XGI™ Technology Inc. „XGI™ will be always looking to add new features into Reactor™ driver suite and to optimize image quality with latest-released games. With the excellent software development team, we are planning to release one Reactor™ driver suite every month. XGI™ is going to ensure delivering best image quality and being most compatible with all PC games.

XGI™ driver is designed to fit today’s needs and tomorrow’s expectations. Many features and applications have been integrated into the Reactor™ driver to maximize the use of XGI graphics boards. The following features are included in the latest Reactor™ driver suite:

  • PowerManager provides real-time GPU temperature detection and monitoring
  • DesktoPlus generates multiple user desktop for multi-tasking applications
  • Rotech, standing for „Rotational Technology“ , powers up the hardware support for highest quality display
  • With Navigator from Volari’s Virtual Screen, it sets free the limits of a smaller monitor size and lets the users to zoom in the areas they want to look at.

To download the latest drivers go to: http://www.xgitech.com/sd/.

XGI Technology