Maxtor Unveils New Ultra16 Hard Drive Kits

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

MILPITAS, Calif., Sept. 13 – Maxtor Corporation

(NYSE: MXO), a worldwide leader in hard disk drives and consumer storage
solutions, today announced that it is shipping its new Maxtor SATA Ultra16(TM)
Hard Drive Kits. As the only retail hard drive featuring a 16MB buffer and
offering best-in-class 7200RPM performance(1), Maxtor’s new Ultra16 kits are
perfect for consumers who want to upgrade their systems for an improved
multimedia, computing and gaming experience. The new Ultra16 Hard Drive Kits
come with a high-performance Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive and offer capacities
up to 300GB, allowing consumers to store 5,000 hours of their favorite MP3s,
230,000 digital photos (JPEG) or 144 high-definition video games(2).

Maxtor’s easy-to-install SATA Ultra16 Hard Drive Kit includes an
installation guide with step-by-step instructions, a SATA cable and mounting
screws. The kit also includes Maxtor’s popular MaxBlast(TM) installation
software, which partitions and formats the drive for use, and helps copy files
from the old hard drive to the new Maxtor drive. In addition, the new Ultra16
drive offers a 150MB/sec interface speed and SATA II features including Native
Command Queuing (NCQ) for more intelligent hard drive operation, and runs
quietly with a fluid dynamic bearing motor.

“Customers continue to rely on Maxtor’s innovative storage solutions. Our
retail product line, including our award-winning Maxtor OneTouch(TM) external
drive, has become the industry benchmark in desktop performance, reliability
and backup,” said Stacey Lund, executive director of Maxtor’s Consumer
Products Group. “We take pride in offering a desktop hard drive solution for
everyone from extreme gamers to cost-conscious consumers.”

PC or Mac users who play intense games, edit digital videos, juggle
multiple applications at once, or who have an older parallel ATA system are
perfect candidates to upgrade their systems to SATA. To upgrade, customers
simply install a Maxtor Ultra16 hard drive and a SATA controller card, or
install the drive directly with any new motherboard that supports SATA.
Compared to parallel ATA, new SATA-enabled PC systems, particularly with NCQ,
will show improved performance while multithreading or running two streams of
multimedia content at the same time.

Pricing and Availability
Maxtor 250GB and 300GB SATA Ultra16 Hard Drive Kits are available through
major distribution and retail channels. Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices
are $239.95 and $279.95 respectively. Parallel ATA Ultra16 Hard Drive Kits
will be available in Q4 2004.