Thermaltake Launches “Key 3 Spirit” in WCG 2006 Grand Final at Monza Italy

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

October 2006 – Taipei, Taiwan – Thermaltake Technology is the premier choice for PC DIY enthusiasts worldwide, this is mainly due to our expert thermal and system design capabilities! Our three major product lines include: “Case”, “Cooler” and “Power Supply”, all incorporate the concept of “Performance”, “Silent Operation”, and “Thermal Conscious” within its designs.


As the illustration of 3-D graphics, multimedia, and gaming requirements become more intense, desktop PC and server performance is becoming more demanding while demanding higher levels of system integration, cooling, and consumption of higher levels of energy. For that matter, thermal dissipation issues are attracting more serious attention as superb thermal design drives the rapid increase in performance, which in turn helps systems run fasted, quieter, and more reliably.

Other than the performance of CPU & graphic card, consumers are starting to pay closer attention to the overall integration of the system. This integration requires advanced solutions for other elements of the system, the case, cooler and power supply. These three elements play key roles in reducing system noise and increasing system performance with superb thermal design. But many computer users are generally unaware of what advanced design and technologies are available for these elements. Thermaltake believes people need to know more about the components they are purchasing and the company behind it.

“Key 3 Spirit” is a new concept (program) developed by Thermaltake that directly communicates to consumers, and aims at marketing the Performance, Silent Operation, and Thermal Conscious design of Thermaltake products. Key to this program is gaining the consumer’s confidence in Thermaltake as a brand, and demonstrating the value of buying the Case, Cooler, and Power Supply from the industry’s leading company, the number one choice for PC DIY enthusiasts worldwide.

Purchasing a Thermaltake Case, Cooler, or Power Supply labeled with “Key 3 Spirit” is an assurance that the “Quality”, “Performance” and “Reliability” of the components meet the highest standard. In addition, Thermaltake’s intangible image of “Innovation”, “Fashionable Design”, and “Professionalism” will be accompanied with every system, to further elevate the value the users system.

“Key 3 Spirit” is used to position the significant role of the Thermaltake case, cooler, and power supply and at the same time, associates these systems with Performance, Silent Operation, and Thermal Conscious. While the benefit of product is communicated to consumers, the brand “Thermaltake” continues to be recognized for quality, reliability, and industry leadership.

Thermaltake’s devotion in making products with leading edge technology, best performance, and a more comfortable user experience will continue, because we believe that a product inspired by good innovational concept can improve the living standard at any time. Therefore, consumers shouldn’t need to worry about things that simply should be working as intended, because Thermaltake will be providing the perfect solutions at all costs. This is what the “Key 3 Spirit” is all about!

As the official hardware sponsor of WCG 2006 Grand Final Tournament, Thermaltake will utilize this most exciting event of the electronic sports world to kick off “Key 3 Spirit” in Monza, Italy.