BLISS 8800GTS-640-TV-DD Golden Sample

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Gainward, a world leading producer of High-quality, High-End 3D accelerators for the Personal Computer market, proudly announce it´s release of their first Golden Sample version of GeForce 8800GTS.


Finally it´s here, the much longedfor faster Golden Sample® version of NVIDIA´s® GeForce® 8800GTS from Gainward. This card is designed to take you to the next level of performance where speed is a major factor as well as rock-solid stability.

Gamers play to win; we can not improve their gamings skills but we can give them the right tool to win.
We know how competitive gamers are, we realize how demanding they are and we know how much effort they put into becoming nr 1 in their field. We also know how little it takes to ruin all that. How devastating it can be if only one component does not perform to 110 percent. Therefore at Gainward we take just that little extra time to double check the performance of our Golden Sample® products, ensuring a rock-solid trustable fast product for all hardcore gamers who demand nothing but perfection.

Play smart, Play with Gainward. Do not burn-out before you reach the finish line.

The BLISS 8800GTS is boosted up from standard 500MHz core / 1600MHz memory clock to a impressive 550+ MHz / 1760+ MHz memory clock.

With the new GeForce®8800 NVIDIA® introduces a graphics processing unit (GPU) offering several new key features never seen before; key features such as:

Unified, Massively Parallel Shader Design.
The GeForce® 8800GTS GPU implements a massively parallel, unified shader design consisting of 128 individual stream processors running at 1,35GHz. Each processors is capable of being dynamically allocated to vertex, pixel, geometry, or physics operations for the utmost effecincy in GPU resource allocation, and maximum flexibility in load balancing shader programs. Efficient power utilization and management delivers industry leading perfomance per watt and performance per square millimeter.

DirectX 10 Native Design.
DirectX 10 represents the most significant step forward in 3D graphics APIs since the births of programmable shaders. Completely built from the ground up, DirectX 10 features powerful geometry shareds, a new „Shader Model 4“ programing model with substantially increased recources and improved performance, a highly optimized runtime, texture arrays, and numerous other features that unclock a whole new world of graphical effects.

GeForce 8 series GPU´s include all required hardware functionality defined in Microsoft´s Direct3D 10 (DirectX 10) specification and full support for the Directx 10 unified shader instruction ser and Shader Model 4 capabilities. The GeForce® 8800GTX is not only the the first shipping DirectX 10 GPU, but it was also the reference GPU for DirectX 10 API development and certification.

New features implemented in GeForce® 8800 series GPU that work in concert with DirectX 10 features include geometry shader processing, stream output, improved instancing and support for the DX10 unified instruction set. GeForce® series GPU´s and DirectX 10 also provide the ability to reduce CPU overhead, shifting more graphics rendering load to the GPU.

Lumenex™ Engine – Industry Leading Image Quality.
Image quality is significantly improved on GeForce® 8800 GPU´s over the prior generation with NVIDIA´s Lumenex™ engine. Advanced new antialiasing technology provided up to 16x full-screen multisampled antialiasing quality at near 4x multisampled antialiasing performance using a single GPU.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) lightning capability in all GeForce® 8800 series GPU´s now supports 128-bit precision (32-bit floating point values per component), permitting true-to-life lightning and shadows. Dark objects can appear very dark, and bright objects can be very bright, with visible details presented at both extremes, in addition to rendering completely smooth gradients in between.

HDR lightning effects can be used in concert with multisampled antialiasing on GeForce® GPU´s, and the addition of angle-independent anisotropic filtrering combined with considerable HDR shading horsepower provides outstanding image quality. In fact, antialiasing can be used in conjuction with both FP16 (64-bit color) and FP32 (128-bit color) render targets.

Quantum Effects™ GPU-based Physics.
NVIDIA® Quantum Effects™ technology enables far more physics effects to be simulated and rendered on the GPU. Specifically, GeForce® 8800 GPU stream processors excel at physics at computations, and up to 128 processors deliver staggering floating point computational ability that results in amazing performance and visual effects. Games can implement much more realistic smoke, fire, and explosions. Also, lifelike movement of hair, fur, and water can be completely simulated and rendered by the graphics processor. THe CPU is freed to run the game engine and AI, thus improving overall gameplay. Expect to see far more physics simulations in DirectX 10 games running on GeForce® 8800 GPU´s.

Extreme High Definition Gaming (XHD).
All GeForce® 8800-based GPU´s are designed for Extreme High Definition gaming (XHD), where games can be played at high widescreen resolutions up to 2560×1600. XHD has over seven times the picture clarity of native 1080i HD televisions and double the picture clarity of 1080p HD format. XHD widescreen resolution allows users to see more of their PC games, enhance their video editing, and even add useful extra screen real estate to applications such as Google Earth. The dual-link DVI outputs on GeForce 8800GTX boards enable XHD gaming up to 2560×1600 resolution with very playable frame rates. SLI configuration allow dialing up eyecandy to new levels of details never seen in the past, all with playable frame rates.

Built for Microsoft® Windows Vista™.
GeForce® 8800 GPU architecture is actually NVIDIA´s third generation GPU architecture, built for Microsoft® Windows Vista™, giving users the best possible experience with the Windows Aero 3D graphical users interface and full DirectX 10 hardware support. GeForce® 8800 GPU´s support for Vista includes Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM), Vista´s Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) composited desktop, the AERO interface using DX9 3D graphics, fast context switching, GPU resource virtualization support, and OpenGL Installable Client Driver (ICD) support (both older XP ICD´s and newer Vista ICD´s).

Overall, the GeForce® 8800 GPU series is best defined by these four major categories:

  • Outstanding performance with a unified shader design.
    NVIDIA GigaThread technology and overall thread computing capability delivers the absolute best GPU performance for 3D games.

  • DirectX 10 compability
    GeForce® 8800 series GPU´s are the first shipping GPU that support all DirectX 10 features.

  • Significant improved image quality
    NVIDIA® Lumenex™ technology provides top quality antialiasing, anisotropic filtering, and HDr capabilities enabeling rich, lifelike detail in 3D games. A 10-bit display pipeline enhances details and removes artifacts from photos and video.

  • High Performance GPU physics and GPU computing capability
    NVIDIA® Quantum™ Effects technology permitting billions of physics operations to be performed on the GPU, enabeling amazing new effects and provides massive floating point computing power for a variety of high-end calculation-intensive applications