Step up Your Game – BIOSTAR launches TA790GX A2+

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

August-2008, Taipei Taiwan – BIOSTAR Microtech Int’l Corp., a professional manufacturer of motherboards has launched T-Series TA790GX A2+, which is an integrated motherboard based on AMD 790GX chipset with ATi Radeon HD3300 graphics.The model also supports all AMD Phenom-series multi-core processors, which supports Dual channel DDR2-1066 Memory and offer optimized overclocking ability. Furthermore, TA790GX A2+ offers more powerful 3D performance than current generation models.


ATi Radeon HD3300–3D gaming like never before

At the heart of the TA790GX-A2+ lies an ATi Radeon HD3300 core with DirectX 10.1 and Shader Model 4.1 support. Moreover this motherboard also supports CrossfireX & Hybrid Graphic technology to enhance your gaming performance when playing fast, incredibly realistic DirectX10 games.

Experience Full HD like never before

The TA790GX A2+is based on AMD 790GX with ATi Radeon HD3300, which will immerse yourself in a full HD cinematic experience at home while enabling a quiet entertainment PC. Enjoy more vibrant colors and lifelike picture quality up-scaled beyond 1080p with ATI Avivo™ HD. Watch the latest Blu-Ray® movies on your PC and supports D-Sub, DVI-D and HDMI three kinds of output interface which easily connect it to your big screen TV.

Energy Efficiency like never before
The T-Series TA790GX A2+ powers an exceptionally energy efficient PC without compromising performance. New innovations in dynamic power management provide performance when you need it and power savings when using everyday applications. Build the ultimate in energy efficient PCs when you combine this board with the latest AMD Phenom™ processors.

The overall specification of BISOTAR TA790GX A2+ offers you a superior 3D gaming and HD experience that runs efficiently and at a price that won’t break your budget. It will redefine 3D gaming & HD-movie playing on a mainstream PC.