Necessity for the Trendy Public – Xaser S1000 Notebook Cooler

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Dec, 2008 – Do you always pursue quality and performance in products? Look no further. Introducing Thermaltake Technology’s top of the line product, Xaser Series Notebook Cooler.


Designed with trendy and contemporary style, Xaser S1000 structures and coated with aluminum extrusion materials. It’s ergonomic and elevation construction brings visual comfort; reduce eye-strain, and reducing typing discomfort.

Xaser S1000 is equipped with dual 7cm speed adjustable luminous blue LED fans, and surprisingly powered only through a single USB connector. Its three dimensional and air dynamic design intakes air from dual suction vents and blown directly toward the bottom of Notebook computer, rapidly reduce heat and improve performance. It also has the fan speed control function. Users can adjust the fan speed when it is needed.

Fan Shining LED and fine aluminum finish make Xaser S1000 a perfect combination of beauty and performance. As the Notebook companion, for sure Xaser S1000 is going to attract and catch head turns anytime and anywhere it may appear.