Nexus WaveAir – external cooling solution when internal space is insufficient

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

The Nexus WaveAir is very suitable to get some fresh air in your case or get some hot air out of your case through a PCI slot opening. We have seen that in between PCI cards or above or below video cards there can build up quite some hot air and usually there is very little airflow in these areas. But suitable solutions are limited as you often do not have a lot of room in between PCI cards to have an extra cooling solution. Therefore we developed the WaveAir… an external solution for some extra active ventilation.


Inside the WaveAir fits a standard 80x80x25mm case fan and we include the Nexus Real Silent 80mm Basic fan. The shape of the WaveAir allows you to still connect cables to any of the surrounding PCI slots. And the wave air can be mounted two ways always… so you choose the side where the „bubble“ goes.

We have found that the WaveAir is very effective for hot air extraction. So it is very effective as an extra exhaust for your case. Especially this is convenient for small form factor cases that tend to really heat up at heavy usage and there is no room for an extra fan. If you have a PCI slot free…. the WaveAir is a good choice.