IKONIK launches the Taran series

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

January 14, 2009 – IKONIK officially launches the Taran cases. With the current economic situation, real value, durability and quality are what people need above all else. The new TARAN series from IKONIK delivers precisely that. Built to the same high standards as the award winning Zaria, the TARAN is focused on providing unparalleled quality at an affordable price.


Designed by one of the most experienced design teams in the industry, the TARAN offers incredible strength at an exceptional weight. Its “featherweight, heavy duty” motto holds true as it provides a sturdy computing platform without resulting in a cumbersome case.

Quality of components is constantly one of the major ‘must haves’ that many manufacturers are emphasizing. But products not only have to be of good quality, the image of the product is just as important. The touch to the finger is part of the experience. Aluminum is no longer acceptable as aluminum. The brush technique adds value to the already high quality material and finishes it off to a perfect finish pleasing to senses.

The Taran series consists of 3 models, A10, A20 and A30. Each case has a sleek and classic aluminum front bezel. Using the latest automobile structuring forming technology, the Taran case showcases a seamless and 3 dimensional outlook.

Built to the highest specification, the TARAN series is compliant with Intel’s latest TAC 2.0 standard ensuring the highest compatibility with the latest hardware and thermal design specifications. Featuring an optional transparent side panel, the TARAN is not only impressive but pleasing to the eye. Designed for superior air circulation and silent computing, the TARAN supports up to four 120mm fans and cut outs for tubing should users wish to upgrade to any of the available liquid cooling systems on the market

With a tool-less design and shielded IO ports located on top, the TARAN series re-defines the entry level by combining functionality and build quality previously reserved for high end cases into a case that is not only affordable but stylish as well.

IKONIK’s Taran cases are already available in different online shops in Germany as Alternate; prices will start from 59.90 euro.