Lian Li launches the innovative PC-Q07 Mini-ITX chassis

Dynamite comes in small packages

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

12 February 2009, Keelung, Taiwan – Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched the PC-Q07 Mini-ITX chassis. The black hairline-brushed all aluminum PC-Q07 allows for the Mini-ITX platform motherboard to be combined with traditional full sized components, thus saving you money and giving you the option to utilize components from a system you already have. Designed to be passively cooled, with strategically placed innovative air vents make it both silent and safe. The small chassis can fit snugly in any environment. The PC-Q07 is definitely worth serious consideration for building the ultimate ITX platform. Ideal for System Integrators looking for money saving, high quality solutions.


PC- Q07 Mini-ITX Specifications
Standing at 193mm x 280mm x 208mm (W,H,D), the aluminum chassis has a reversible PSU bracket which allows the PSU to be arranged as you like. The chassis supports 1x 5.25” Optical drive bay with 1x 3.5” HDD bay and 1x 2.5” HDD bay. In addition, strategically placed air vents enable passive cooling to effectively keep your system optimal. The entire case weighs in at 1.1kg’s.

PC-Q07 Special Features
The PC-Q07 has easy installation kits for the 5.25” optical drives, as well as for the 1x 3.5” HDD bays with anti-vibration kits, as well as room for a 2.5” drive underneath. The internal space is ideally arranged to keep everything well ventilated without compromising on your hardware thermal requirements. The small profile, incorporating traditional desktop components within the ITX platform makes the PC-Q07 the most attractive and innovative ITX chassis available.

Perfect for System Integrators (SI)
The benefit to use full size ATX power components coupled with the Mini-ITX platform makes this unique innovative chassis ideal for those system integrators looking to design a small profile, yet advanced system for their customers. The expense of slim ODD and an ITX PSU or external PSU is completely negated. In addition replacement components can be sourced from standard stocks, without the need to build up a special replacement inventory.

Traditional Durability
The classical style and functional design is the Lian Li goal. The essence of Lian Li products is the craftsmanship of the engineering. Intrinsic to the workmanship and quality is the customization which includes a whole host of optional extras that can be purchased to add more features to an already feature rich product.

Highlights for PC-Q07

  • Supports Mini-ITX motherboards
  • Supports full size ATX Power supply
  • Supports 70mm high CPU cooler
  • Supports full sized ODD
  • Specialized air vents for passive cooling solution
  • Reversible PSU mounting possibilities
  • Motherboard mounted on Right Side Panel
  • Tool-less mounting screws for HDD
  • 1x 3.5” HDD bay, plus 1x 2.5” HDD bay!
  • Anti-vibration grommets to prevent 3.5”HDD vibration
  • Folded elements to prevent sharp edges
  • Ideal for System Integrators