LUXA2 LM100 Mini Enclosure – Exquisite and Desirable

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

From any angle of view, the LM100 Mini is remarkable. Its size is amazingly slim and compact with an all aluminum finish body. It fits the tone of your home decoration and is the ideal mate to build your miniature entertainment system. With its extremely tiny size, LM100 Mini instantly gives more space and tidiness to your living room and redefines your home entertainment system.


The entire enclosure is constructed and polished with 5mm solid piece of aluminum to reduce vibration and isolate noise. To ensure the perfection on every surface, brushed finish process is carefully applied on LM100 Mini.

LM100 Mini remote controller, a comfortable and advanced design completed through the expert experience. The PAD is designed to be used as four (up, down, left, right) arrow buttons on keyboard and is very useful on applications such as MultiMedian and Windows Media Center.

LM100 mini has a build-in VFD module in the front panel. The advanced IR receiver and VFD display device not only delivers IR signal to PC but also shows various useful information through VFD. It is designed to fit into the 5.25″ disk drive bay of PC and shows „Graphical EQ“, „System Info“, „Media Info“, „Email Check“, „News“, „World City Time & Weather“ and much more. All the information could be displayed automatically according to the scenario.

LM100 Mini supports Mini-ITX form factor. Although LM100 Mini size is small, it has the capability to accommodate a full-fledged system with Intel hottest energy saving platform. With HDMI motherboard integration, your LM100 Mini will easily turn into your entertainment center in the living room.

Official Launch Date – May 2009