ASRock ‘3TB+ Unlocker’ Unleashes Maximum Storage Performance Entirely

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 8, 2011 – ASRock, Inc. the global motherboard manufacturer officially released their exclusive “3TB+ Unlocker” utility that delivers the maximum potential of the hard disk. The fantastic 3TB+ Unlocker tool offers a tweak-friendly feature, breaking the limitation of 32-bit operation system that could only detect the hard disk within 2048GB. It also allows ASRock motherboards without UEFI Technology to take advantage of the hidden storage space on 3TB and larger HDDs, helping to fully utilize the wasted spaces.


ASRock’s new 3TB+ Unlocker utility is a shot in the arm for HDDs, delivering state of art storage technology with user-friendly software. It is dedicated to provide the most optimized storage space. Not only smashing the storage limits, the brand new utility also delivers the most reliable computing experience yet.

3TB+ Unlocker is a tool for people washing to build up their new platform with a well-allocated space set. This isn’t only aimed at the high-end enthusiast mainboard segment but also targeted at entry-level platforms. To enjoy the maximum storage performance, all you have to do is to simply download the 3TB+ Unlocker from ASRock website. With ASRock 3TB+ Unlocker, users are assured to access the entire hard drive effortlessly.

As the pioneer in motherboard industry, ASRock pays special attention to detail in order to provide users the premium quality motherboards. Today, ASRock is proud to provide a wide range of feature-rich motherboards supporting 3TB+ Unlocker Technology in both Intel and AMD platforms. We always give you more than you expected!