GIGABYTE AMD EPYC Servers Support Space Exploration and Pandemic Prevention with High Performance Computing

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As technology continues to advance, computer processors become ever more powerful. One of the most noteworthy processors based on the x86 architecture is AMD EPYC™. Featuring outstanding single-core performance, workload optimization, data transfer speeds, and other industry-leading advantages, the AMD EPYC™ is one of the top server solutions for the modern data center.


GIGABYTE is known for having the most extensive portfolio of AMD servers designed to excel in demanding workloads. We are dedicated to developing AMD EPYC™ solutions that bring high performance computing to enterprise customers.

Server solutions and computing clusters built with GIGABYTE’s AMD EPYC™ products are popular around the world. They have been used to build a new data center for a top European technological university; CERN uses them to crunch the massive amount of data produced by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Other research institutes conduct space exploration, study climate change, and fight the COVID-19 pandemic with AMD EPYC™ servers by GIGABYTE.

  • Waseda University Studies Climate Change with GIGABYTE’s Computing Cluster
  • Spain’s IFISC Tackles COVID-19 with the Support of GIGABYTE Servers
  • Lowell Observatory Looks for Habitable Exoplanets with GIGABYTE Servers
  • Top European Technological University Utilizes High Density Servers to Accelerate Scientific Research
  • The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Delves into Particle Physics with GIGABYTE

In the era of big data and high performance computing, server solutions are accelerating scientific breakthroughs.

Do you want to learn more about how GIGABYTE’s AMD EPYC™ servers are making the world a better place? Visit the “Success Case” section on the GIGABYTE website to enrich your understanding of server-related applications.