XPG INVADER X Mid-Tower Chassis Available Now

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan – 1st NOVEMBER, 2023 – XPG, a fast-growing provider of systems, components, and peripherals for Gamers, Esports Pros, and Tech Enthusiasts, today launched the XPG INVADER X Mid-Tower chassis to markets around the globe. Among the many cases from XPG, this model, more than any other to date, focuses on the aesthetic side of PC building. With panoramic viewing in mind, this chassis offers numerous features that make it easier to build a system that you’ll feel compelled to show off. INVADER X is not a case you hide away under your desk rarely to be seen. In fact, it might be more appropriate to call this chassis a “showcase.”


Bespoke Design

XPG’s :Exoskeleton design language has always focused on maximizing function without sacrificing form. INVADER X stays true to this calling, delivering a case that allows the form of your system to shine from any angle. With the frameless 3mm tempered glass front and side panels, you can appreciate your system in all its RGB glory from any angle. Think of this case as an aquarium for your PC. With the highly convenient and easy-to-clean magnetic dust filters, maintaining the beauty of your system is never a problem. With INVADER X, you’re not just building a machine, you’re building a gaming ecosystem.

Look Cool, Feel Cool

INVADER X doesn’t just help your components look cool. It also helps them stay cool. With 4x 120mm ARGB reverse-blade fans and 1x regular 120mm ARGB fan pre-installed, the only thing cooler than your rig’s temperature will be its style. With a design tailored to maximizing thermal performance, you might have to overclock your system just to keep your temperatures from getting too low. Additionally, INVADER X can handle a 360mm radiator in both side and top mounting orientations.

Say Yes to Next Gen

This chassis is ready for all the latest components the market has to offer. With both vertical and horizontal GPU mounting options, you have plenty of room for whatever graphics card and orientation you want. If you’re not mounting a radiator on the side of the case, INVADER X can handle cards up to 400mm in length; and if you are mounting a radiator on the side of the case, it can still support cards up to 270mm in length in a horizontal orientation. This chassis also provides convenient installation for BTF (Micro-ATX) motherboards, allowing users access to a whole new range of component and building customization options.

Clean Building is Happy Building

INVADER X includes a number of features to ensure a convenient building process and clean cable management. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful case with ugly, mismanaged cabling. For starters, this model delivers a newly designed cable management channel that comes pre-installed with 5x XPG cable straps. This leaves an extra 36mm of space with ATX and mATX motherboards, providing plenty of room to properly manage your cables. When coupled with the ability to leverage BTF (Micro-ATX) motherboards, there’s simply no excuse for a system built in this chassis to have messy cable management. On top of that, INVADER X comes with a GPU holder and high quality 180mm PCIe Gen 4 riser cable, so you can get maximum performance from your new 40 series graphics card. You’d honestly have to try to make your system look bad in this case.

XPG INVADER X is available now.