COUGAR Introduces the FV270 – a panoramic mid-tower redefining build visibility and airflow dynamics.

Through A Glass Brightly

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Transparency and brilliance are at the core of the FV270’s design. The polyhedral, tempered curved glass perimeter eliminates obstructive edges for an unparalleled view of the interior.


Synthesizing bold aesthetics with functionality, the FV270 also establishes a new benchmark in airflow management: innovative angled cooling fan placements ensure focused airflow dynamics, and a lifted front accesses additional ventilation, bringing in cold current from below.

Cable management is seamless in the FV270, with reverse routing that keeps clutter hidden behind the motherboard. This feature, complemented by a solid side panel, ensures a sleek, clean exterior allowing your components to shine…literally.

The FV270 supports cutting-edge E-ATX motherboards and accommodates GPUs up to 420mm, with versatile brackets for horizontal or vertical mounting. This wide compatibility future-proofs builds and provides limitless possibilities for customization.

Protection from dust is thorough, with strategically placed and easily removable filters that safeguard your components. This filtration system extends the life of your hardware, reducing maintenance and preserving your PC’s pristine condition.

An optional rotating mounting platform, illuminated from below, displays your collectibles and transforms your PC into a personal statement.

Combining transparency, functionality, and unorthodox design, the FV270 lets the world look through its glass brightly, to see your build not only as it is, but all that you imagine it to be.

​Harmonizing form with function, the FV270’s polyhedral design sets a new standard for airflow dynamics. Placing cooling fans on angled faces ensures uninterrupted, focused streams and the lifted front accesses an additional axis of ventilation, allowing air intake from below.

Prism of Light
​The FV270 offers an unparalleled panoramic view of the interior with a tempered, curved glass perimeter. Unlike rectangular cases, this prism-inspired design eliminates obstructive straight edges and vastly increases transparency, amplifying both visibility and lighting brilliance.

Outside the Wall
​Support for rear connector motherboards and reverse cable management conceals cable clutter behind the rear of the motherboard, covered by a solid side of the FV270. The clean exterior lets your components shine without distraction – literally.

Tomorrow, Today​
With broad compatibility for bleeding-edge E-ATX motherboards and accommodating GPUs of up to 420mm with rotatable brackets for horizontal/vertical orientation options, the FV270 is engineered for the gaming rigs of the future. Create without limit, build without constraints, and stay ready for the next gen of tech.

Security Detail
​Strategically positioned and easily removable filters guard against dust infiltration and shield vital components. This comprehensive filtration prolongs the longevity of your hardware, minimizing maintenance efforts and preserving the pristine condition of your PC.

Quick Change
​Tool-less bracket design streamlines setup: easily detachable top and bottom brackets let you install or change without hassle and opens up interior space.

​Center Stage
​An optional mounting platform – designed to showcase your prized collectibles within the panoramic interior – offers a dedicated space for hobby figurines, turning your PC into a personalized gallery.


​USA: Black $179.99, White $179.99 – available now (Amazon, Newegg)
UK: Black £159, White £169 – available in July
Europe: Black €189, White €199 – available in Q3

​*Pricing and availability may vary slightly between regions