ADATA Unveils New Sustainable Vision “Innovate Today, Embrace Tomorrow”

Employees Forge a Sustainable Future Through “All 4 Green” Initiative

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

This year (2024), ADATA Technology celebrates its 23rd anniversary. In order to move the company continually towards the goal of sustainable management, ADATA has evolved its brand tagline to “Innovate Today, Embrace Tomorrow” and formulated the “ADATA Green Action Initiative” based on the actual operation status of each department in order to promote our goals through the four major ideals of All 4 Green planning. The entire company is committed and dedicated to building a sustainable future together.


Under the leadership of ADATA Chairman Simon Chen and President Shalley Chen, all employees are implementing the ADATA Sustainable Plan A for 21 days which includes carbon reduction in the office and in daily life and cultivation of environmentally friendly habits. These actions not only make ADATA’s 23rd anniversary especially meaningful, they also embed the spirit of sustainability into our corporate culture.

Actively promoting green initiatives and strengthening “green” corporate resilience

In recent years, the global climate has become increasingly erratic and environmental balance continues to teeter on edge, drastically impacting social order, economic development, and daily life. Thus, sustainable actions are imperative! ADATA announced the launch of a global reforestation plan in 2024. First, the company signed a three-year forest adoption plan for the “Taichung Coastal Wetland Conservation Belt” with Micron Taiwan and the Taichung Branch of the Forest and Nature Conservation Agency to create a bulwark for Taiwan’s coastline. Next, ADATA partnered with “One Tree Planted,” one of the world’s largest green ESG organizations, in celebration of its 23rd anniversary to plant 5,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest, the United States, Mexico, and India as a practical step to restore the environment and protect habitats. Chairman Chen stated: “As a leading global technology brand and global citizen, ADATA promises to use its vision of “Innovate Today, Embrace Tomorrow” to actively implement environmentally friendly projects inside and outside the company. Hopefully, with our help, future generations will continue to see the greenery, color, and beauty of nature.”

ADATA’s new “Green Action Initiative – All 4 Green” is based on the environmental action plans of the company’s departments and factories. Through comprehensive inventory assessment and pragmatic discussion, the company has resolved to promote four major ideals – “Green Operation: A Practitioner of Carbon Reduction,” ” Green Manufacturing: An Advocate for Eco-Friendliness,” “Green Purchase: An Influencer for Green Prosperity,” and “Green Empowerment: A Nurturer of Sustainable Talents.” The concrete practice of sustainable thinking in all aspects of corporate development has become an important key to company progress. From horizontal integration to vertical communication, ADATA extends its sustainable concepts to employees, customers, and business partners, making every decision and action full of “green” power.

Encouraging employees to be mindful of the environment and changing their lives for the better

In order to boost employee awareness and recognition of the company’s “Green Action Initiative,” Chairman Simon Chen and President Shalley Chen selected 3 sustainable actions at ADATA’s 23rd birthday celebration this May and invited colleagues to participate in carbon reduction and green living. These include “using the stairs to move between departments instead of taking the elevator,” “bringing personal tableware and carrying reusable cups/bags” and “having one vegetarian meal per day to lower carbon emissions” to be implemented for 21 consecutive days as an environment-friendly approach to establish green habits. Chairman Chen stated: “A number of colleagues have given me feedback regarding our ‘ADATA Sustainable Plan A for 21 days’ event. I have discovered that reducing plastics and carbon emissions is easier than I imagined and I am very happy that I can do my part for the earth. ” ADATA employees actively participate in green activities, promote environmental awareness, and are willing to enlist friends and family to influence others. They demonstrate team spirit from top to bottom, internalize “sustainability” as individuals and among their departments, and have become the strongest contributors to the company’s sustainable development.

Product innovation and sustainable development are the twin cornerstones of the ADATA brand. In addition to continuously improving the strength of its products, ADATA will also leverage its corporate spirit of sustainability to continually fulfill its social responsibilities, promote and practice sustainable actions, and work together to lead the world into a better future.