Phanteks NV5MKII: The Next Generation

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Following the recent showcase of numerous Phanteks products at Computex 2024, Phanteks is proud to announce the release of the NV5MKII mid-tower chassis. This upgraded version of its popular predecessor is designed to support BTF/Project Zero mainboards, offering users a state-of-the-art experience in PC building.


The NV5 series has previously been celebrated for its unique visual appeal and small footprint. The NV5MKII continues this tradition with the favorited near-seamless glass panel, perfect for showcasing true craftmanship in custom PC building. With the graphics card and mainboard-centric design, the new NV5MKII elevates the display of components while keeping all wiring meticulously hidden.

Key Features of the NV5MKII Mid-Tower Chassis:

  • BTF/ Project Zero Mainboard Compatibility: Optimized to support the latest mainboard technologies.
  • Near-Seamless Glass Panels: Perfect for showcasing custom PC builds in a visually striking manner.
  • Increased Chassis Width: to support wider modern GPUs and 12VHPWR cables.
  • Ultra-Fine Performance Mesh Design: Ensures high airflow with effective dust filtration.
  • High-End Cooling Performance: Accommodates up to eight 120mm fan positions.
  • Removable PSU Cover: for easy access and installation.
  • Integrated Digital-RGB Lighting: Includes a software-free controller for easy customization.
  • GPU Support Bracket: Included for added stability.
  • Optional Upgrade: NV5 Premium DRGB Kit available with a motherboard cover and additional DRGB lighting strips that can be installed magnetically to the frame of the case.

Phanteks continues to deliver innovative solutions to the PC community, elevating the standards of custom PC building. The NV5MKII, while a refreshed version of its predecessor, introduces enhancements to cater to modern hardware requirements and aesthetic preferences.

The NV5MKII is currently available within the U.S. region and will be rolled out to other regions in the coming months.

  • Americas – Available Now!
  • Asia/ EU – Mid-July 2024


NV5 MKII Black: $109.99 | €109.99
NV5 MKII White: $119.99 | €119.99