Corsair Announces 2 Gigabyte XMS Pro Series Module Pair

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Fremont, CA, March 18, 2004 – Corsair Memory, Inc., a global leader in ultra-performance DDR memory modules for PC gamers and enthusiasts, today announced 2 Gigabyte TwinX Pro Series memory modules which consist of a matched pair of 1 Gigabyte modules.


The new TwinX2048-3200PRO is the highest density XMS Pro Series module available to date. The overwhelming success of the company’s 2 Gigabyte TwinX classic XMS modules prompted development of this XMS Pro Series version of the part. According to Corsair Marketing Director Joe James, „Our high density XMS modules have been very well received by customers, so we’re very pleased to offer an XMS Pro Series module pair in the 2 Gigabyte size. These modules were developed both for memory intensive games and for graphics applications such as digital video editing.“

The TwinX2048-3200PRO consists of a matched pair of 1 Gigabyte CMX1024-3200PRO modules. This unbuffered DDR module pair is rated to operate at 400MHz (PC3200) at 3-3-3-8 latency settings. Each module includes a performance enhancing black cast aluminum XMS Pro Series high-efficiency heat spreader, and features Corsair’s Activimeter with two rows of colored LEDs that show real-time memory activity. TwinX modules are tested together as a matched pair in a dual channel motherboard, and packaged together immediately after test.

This new product is available immediately from resellers world-wide.