Maxtor Kicks Off Backup Awareness Month

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

MILPITAS, Calif., June 1 – Maxtor Corporation

(NYSE: MXO), the pioneer in innovative pushbutton backup and storage
solutions, has designated June as national Backup Awareness Month. The
campaign is designed to raise awareness of the simplicity and value of backing
up important data — whether it’s personal, professional or business data.
With today’s advances in external drives and backup solutions, backing up a
computer hard drive or a small business server(1) can be done easy and
automatically. Maxtor wants to make sure people know that — and know how
simple it can be, especially when using one of the company’s industry-leading
Maxtor OneTouch(TM) II drives.

„All it takes is one unfortunate circumstance such as a virus, system
crash, or theft and your data could be gone forever,“ said Stacey Lund, vice
president of marketing at Maxtor. „As a leader in external storage and backup,
we want to educate consumers and business owners to backup before an
unfortunate circumstance happens. So many people come to us after they’ve
already lost their data, we want to turn that around. Backup shouldn’t be an

Kicking off the campaign, Maxtor is awarding one lucky consumer with a
Maxtor OneTouch II drive each day during the month of June. Consumers are
encouraged to visit for more details and to enter to
win. Consumers will also see street marketing programs near major events and
tourist attractions in San Francisco (June 1-13), New York (June 14-21), and
Chicago (June 23-30). In-store promotions at major retailers, national print
and online advertising, and channel partner programs on will
also be rolled out during the month.

Photographs are one of the most popular forms of stored digital content
today and a prime example of the importance of backing up data. According to
the Photo Marketing Association International, more than half of U.S
households will own a digital camera by the end of this year. These pictures
are no longer being kept in a closet or an album; they are now stored on
personal computer hard drives. Consumers need to take precautions to protect
these irreplaceable memories, including backing up their hard drives
frequently. With the help of the company’s leading external storage and backup
solutions-the Maxtor OneTouch family of drives for computers and small
business servers-getting started on a backup program is simple. As part of the
campaign, Maxtor is promoting a five-step „best practices“ program for basic

  1. Develop a backup schedule — backup data daily or at minimum weekly.
  2. Backup everything — today users can easily backup all of their computer hard drive data. No need to spend time sorting through every file or folder. Invest in a storage solution that’s twice the size of your internal hard drive to give your system room to grow.
  3. Do it automatically — set it and forget it. Use a solution that’s easy to set up and provides automatic backups.
  4. Rotate backups — give added protection in case of an earthquake, fire, flood, or theft. Use two drives and rotate one offsite.
  5. Don’t procrastinate — unfortunately, the need to backup data is often a lesson learned from an unfortunate experience. Don’t let it happen to you. Have you done it today?

Maxtor offers a variety of external storage and backup solutions for
personal and business use. Please visit for more information
about its award-winning family of easy-to-use Maxtor OneTouch II external
drives for servers, desktops or laptops, PCs or Macs.

(1) Maxtor OneTouch II Small Business Edition drives are compatible with Windows 2000 and 2003 family of servers.