XFX launching 2 new levels of graphics power with the new GeForce 6800 GS series today

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

With this launch, XFX also introduces the new and clear positioning of the quality levels ‘eXTreme’ and ‘XXX’. Both levels of graphics cards position itself above the XFX standard product and NVIDIA’s reference design products.


Products marked with the label eXTreme have been overclocked in our factory [BIOS level] on both GPU and memory. The board supplies a guaranteed performance increase without having to adjust the clocks on driver level, leaving the warranty in tact [24 months after date of purchase from XFX].

Products marked with the label XXX have a new level of graphics performance and experience. During selection of the components, the absolute top is being separated from the masses, including the GPU’s. During the production, only the best yield [top 10%] has been selected to go forward into the XXX production. During this extensive tuning process, the products are being pushed to the max and then made ready for the assembly process. This is why we have called this level of graphics cards eXtreme, eXtreme and eXtreme again, visualized into the ‘XXX’ logo.
The three X’s stand for eXtreme overclocking, eXtreme performance and eXtreme cooling.

XFX GeForce 6800 GS series
Delivering to you: ‘The Power Of 3’ – on steroids!!!

The first product range wearing these logos is the also brand new XFX GeForce 6800 GS. The new ‘Master of Mid-Range’ wearing the XXX label has already been clocked into the eXtreme running on 485MHz / 1.10 GHz [effective] which is an increase of more than 10% compared to the reference run-rates [425/1.00 GHz]! This can obviously only be made possible when the used components have been selected with care and after testing meet the highest criteria. Only then, this level of performance will be guaranteed. It has been equipped with both analogue and digital connectors providing compatibility with ‘old fashioned’ CRT and the large trendy TFT monitors up to 1600×1200 resolutions. Completing the connectivity, an s-video port can be found on the bracket.

Looking into to free bundle included in the well-known juicy X-shape, a warning must be mentioned. The new owner of this new best-in-class product needs to know in advance that using this new product exposes him or her to the following threats: Class D1 | Immediate Side Effects like Excitement and Amazement; Class E | Addicting gaming virus; Class F | Dangerously Reactive Material; Class R | Materials causing Extended Game-play;

But seriously, the surprising bundle is refreshing. On the software side we start with the unique AI driver [checking the configurations and selecting the best driver based on those criteria] making the installation of this board become childishly easy. For the more power freaks, we have included the coolbits overclocking software* even though with such power, it is doubtful if the performance will really improve! From our friends at Tenomichi, the video editing suite “3D EDIT” [worth 64 €] has been included. It enables the “home video-editor” to take full control over his digital videos using the full power of the GPU, utilizing real-time rendering [yes… real-time!] on a ‘normal’ desktop PC. And all this comes inside a smashing XFX skin.

The hardware bundle makes sure the best performance comes out of those ports. An s-video cable comes together with a DVI cable AND the DVI>VGA converter for those dudes who stay with the CRT screens.

All in all an absolute TOP….., no an eXtreme-eXtreme-eXtreme [XXX] product which will be exposed in its unique XFX packaging as from NOW. No paper releases… It is available in stores now! And, as we already mentioned, it will not drain the finances to the bone. The standard [reference] will be available from 249 euros incl VAT. Pls check local [r]e-tail stores for the eXTreme and XXX models.

Life is great isn’t it?