Crucial Technology Europe Launches FBDIMM Line and Issues FBDIMM White Paper Report

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Glasgow, UK, May 9., 2006 – Crucial Technology Europe today

announces the immediate availability of 512MB to 4GB DDR2-533
and DDR2-667 fully buffered DIMMs (FBDIMMs) specifically for
system designers building for the Intel Bensley platform and
other related technology workstation and server platforms.

Crucial’s FBDIMMs feature density and performance improvements
ideal for mission-critical servers that require maximum performance
and a low error rate. In addition to product availability, Crucial
has also issued a free white paper report on FBDIMMs available

„Until now, designers had only two choices for servers: limit the
amount of memory so that fewer errors occur at higher speeds,
or accept slower speed to gain the density required. Neither option
is ideal,“ said Crucial Technology Product Marketing Manager
Terry Groth. „Crucial’s new FBDIMM products provide the capacity,
reliability and performance critical for your server and
workstation platforms.“

The following parts are available from Crucial Technology Europe:

Crucial DIMM Part # Density Module Speed
CT6472AF53E.9FB4E3 512MB 533 MHz
CT6472AF667.9FB4E3 512MB 667 MHz
CT9HTF6472FY53EB4E3.01 512MB 533 MHz
CT12872AF53E.18FB5E3 1GB 533 MHz
CT12872AF667.18FB5E3 1GB 667 MHz
CT18HTF12872FDY53EB5E3 1GB 533 MHz
CT25672AF53E.36FB3E3 2GB 533 MHz
CT25672AF667.36FB3E3 2GB 667 MHz
CT51272AF53E.36DA2E3 4GB 533 MHz
CT51272AF667.36DA2E3 4GB 667 MHz