XFX Xtreme Xperience [XtXp]: “Become a member & win your Atomic X torch.”

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

On the occasion of launching the new GeForce 8800 series, XFX simultaneously launched the Xtreme Xperience website with the aim to support the real Xtreme gaming Xperience of the next-gen graphics cards. At this very moment we have increased our [http://www.xtxp.eu/] promotional activities on the website by giving the opportunity of registration on the www.xtxp.com website. By becoming a member of the XtXp community, every fifth entry will win an Atomic X torch that will bring a smile to the gaming life.


Because of the massive nr of requests the interested visitors sent to XFX, we came to the conclusion that there is a need for an Xtreme Community, having a special interest in the information we publish on the www.xtxp.com site. By including a registration function on the www.xtxp.com website, without having to buy an XFX GeForce 8800 series graphics card, XFX now provides this possibility to join the newly born Xtreme Xperience community.

Think back to your younger years or just take out your batman DVD or cartoon, you will see that whenever Gotham City is threatened by another villain, they shine the special ‘Batlight’ to the Sky and within minutes Batman appears to destroy the enemy. Piece and Quiet return back to Gotham after a few adventures. With the XFX Atomic X torch you simply shine into your machine and it shows you either where your [graphics] hero is or where it needs to go. Oh.. and by the way, your gaming hero is called ‘Outlaw’. There is a little surprise though when you actually lit it, but we are not going to tell….

Don’t miss out on your biggest event of the year. Keep on coming back to www.xtxp.com as it will change day by day showing more and more interesting Xtreme stuff.

XFX Xtreme Xperience, your event of the year…

* This promotion is only valid in Europe and cannot be claimed outside the European continent. All registered cards have to be purchased from a European supplier. Any imported XFX product does not enter the competition. All registrations outside Europe will enjoy any other XFX’s great services, High quality technical on-line support and let’s not forget the best graphics cards in the word!