Corporate Desktop 4.0: The desktop you were waiting for

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Paris, March, 8th 2007 – Mandriva is pleased to announce the launch of

the beta program of Corporate Desktop 4.0, the brand new version of
its enterprise-dedicated work station.

Ergonomic, secure, comprehensive, easy to use and to administer: by
consulting its corporate clients and by exploiting its experience in
the desktop area, Mandriva developed Corporate Desktop 4.0, a
distribution that can be installed in less than 10 minutes and
extensively customized thanks to a new post-installation tool.

Mandriva emphasizes the key points for business: directory
administration and integration, mobility, security and ergonomics.

  • Directory administration and integration: To complement
    directory-based authentication, Corporate Desktop 4 includes a new
    tool to set KDE user rights from an LDAP directory.

  • Mobility: Simplified configuration of secure remote access
    (DrakVPN), simplified configuration of 3G data cards in order to
    remain efficient wherever you are. Mandriva also plans to release
    Corporate Desktop 4.0 on a secured USB key, in order for you to be
    able to access your data and your work environment anywhere at any

  • Security: Data encryption, high security authentication (smart
    cards and fingerprint readers supported), secure connections,
    interactive firewall.

  • Ergonomics: A completely new design for the desktop, integration
    of the latest 3D technlologies (Xgl, AIGLX and Metisse), and the ease
    of use and accessibility you expect from a Mandriva desktop.

Mandriva also takes advantage of its partnerships with many hardware
vendors and software publishers to offer extensive hardware
compatibility and a complete range of ISV software. Thus, Intel, HP,
NVIDIA, Arkeia, BitDefender, VMware and many more participated in the
development of the product and were naturally integrated in the
Corporate Desktop 4.0 distribution.

Like every Mandriva product, Corporate Desktop 4.0 comes with an
extensive range of services: long term security and bugfix maintenance
lifespan (5 years), Web support, professionnal phone support, and
expert consulting services to develop particular projects and help you
migrate to Linux.

Corporate Desktop 4.0 works perfectly in a mixed Linux / Microsoft
Windows environment and will blend easily into your network with its
support for common systems of authentication, access to shared data,
and support for collaborative work solutions.

To participate in the evaluation program, visit:

To register and download the beta:

As a complement to its desktop solution, Mandriva offers server and
park administration solutions: Corporate Server 4.0 (evaluation
version available) and Mandriva Pulse.